ICE LIQUID & Metallic LIQUID by INSTINCTOY for Singapore Toyn Games & Comic-Con 2014

Singapore Toy Games & Comic Con this coming weekend (Sept 6-7, 2014) will see the "advanced release" of ICE LIQUID from INSTINCTOY! Mind you, these are different shaped to their LIQUID series (see insert pic posted below with a quasi-selfie muahahahahaha) - and instead is a sculpt measuring 450mm in diameter.

Essentially to be released around October-December, folks at the annual event would be able to score these 8 colors at booth AA94 at SGD$20 per piece! The GID / Glow-in-the-Dark looks pretty awesome too!

And speaking of the LIQUID figures from Instinctoy, also note that the METALLIC SERIES will also be available at STGCC! Sized about 5.2cm and with 9 different colors to choose from, each priced at SGD$12 per piece - NOT blind boxed!

"T.R.P.63" by TRIP63 x QUICCS for Singapore Toy Games & Comic-Con 2014

Available at the HIDDEN FORTRESS Booth AA17 at Artist Alley for this weekend's Singapore Toy Games & Comic Con (Sept 6-7, 2014) is "T.R.P.63" from The Philippine's urban street artist TRIP63 of CarrotBombing! Featuring a new headsculpt over QUICCS' TEQ63 figure base body, look for the exclusive BLUE colorway to be had at AA17! Mind you, these are WIPs and I'll update with final versions soon, along with further product details :)

And oh, did I mention there'll be TOYSREVIL-Exclusive Edition too? Limited to only 5 x RED colorway pieces at STGCC for your purchasing considerations (Price TBD)! As well, the blog-icon on menu-right clicks thru to ALL toy-awesomeness to be had at AA17, including news of TOYSREVIL-Exclusive Editions to debut at STGCC!

(Additional packaging pics from Aico Agulto @thatkidfromkamuning)

HIDDEN FORTRESS + TOYSREVIL-Exclusive Toys @ Singapore Toys, Games & Comic-Con 2014

And while TOYSREVIL does not have a booth at this year's Singapore Toy Games & Comic Con - happening this weekend on September 6th to 7th - TOYSREVIL-Exclusive Edition TOYS and COLLECTIBLES can be had at the HIDDEN FORTRESS booth AA17 in Artist Alley! And while I might not be at the booth, the toys will be :)
PRESS: "See you at the STGCC2014 AA17 Booth at The Hidden Fortress camp! The crew comprised of Egg Fiasco, Tawnie Tantay, Trip63 and Quiccs joins forces with Imagine Nation Studios, Jagnus Design Studios, and other Secret Fresh Artists EXLD, Epjey and more to bring the good folks of Singapore fresh toy releases and other awesome merchandise! Exclusive releases include collaborations under FlabSlab, Wetworks, Toysrevil and more! See you all on September 6-7!"

In the very short days leading up to the event (*gulp*), I will be revealing WHAT the exclusives are, and you can click on icon a menu-left to see them all in a glance! If any TOYSREVIL-Editions remain unspoken for after SGCC, they will be listed online via my webshop only a week later. Folks on my Mailing-List will have first dibs before that :)

Teaser for New LOIC from BanaNa ViruS for Singapore Toy Games & Comic-Con 2014

Here's a teaser for a New LOIC to be made available at this weekend's Singapore Toy Games & Comic Con (Sept 6-7, 2014) - featuring a "redesign" of BanaNa ViruS' creation. To debut at booth AA92, LOIC stands 22cm tall and is priced at SGD$95 per piece, with only 10pieces made available at the annual event! … and I'm sure there'll be a "tail" to plug in that hole in it's bum shown in the teaser? :)


What's a "LOIC" you may ask? Here's a look at the figure as it is now:

Fantasticfox.org / Ray Toh / Benjamin Chee for Singapore Toy Games & Comic-Con 2014

Booth AA64 @ this weekend's Singapore Toy Games & Comic Con (Sept 6-7, 2014) will see Fantasticfox.org, Ray Toh and Benjamin Chee offering goodies - including pre-order card for Ray's upcoming book. Fractured Thoughts Vol 1 (peep his blog to view his work!) and as well Benjamin will be selling his comic "Charsiew Space", panel-art work previewed below!

Source: Fantasticfox

A Peek at What Daniel Yu Might Have For #STGCC 2014

And so Daniel Yu was booth-ing Saturday night at The Local People Night Market @ the Singapore Art Museum, where his display was a preview of toy-goodness to be had at his STGCC-booth AA90, for next weekend's Singapore Toy Games & Comic Con (Sept 6-7, 2014). Featuring Foot Clan soldiers, "Metal Heads" and "R.Mortis" - all self-sculpted and self-casted resin figurines enough to make my head explode and wallet crying out for a reprieve … you should too.

And while I do not have official product nor prices to share as yet, here's a closer look at the WIPs of the Playmobil-sized figurines!

(Above: Metal Head / Below: Playmobil-sized awesome toy-ness!)

Source: IG @thedanielyu @mikeozzo

Painting Up "Killer Donuts" by Angry Woebots x FLABSLAB

Aaron Woebots Martin is in town, and he is seen here painting up KILLER DONUTS at the FLABSLAB offices! I think "ADORABLE" does not even begin to describe this beast of a resin collectible - easily the best looking piece from Woebots, paws down! This is the "Paint Test One", and you can look for the series of 50 x hand-painted pieces at the coming Singapore Toy Games & Comic Con (Sept 6-7, 2014) via Booth E22. The ?Donut Crown" pushes the adorable level to the top of the toy-food chain! LOL
"…To those who want to know the story behind the Donut look up Jdilla Donuts. One my all time favorite HipHop producers. Most my homies know but been getting messages about it from a lot of peeps who don't, time to educate. Aloha! #jdilladonuts" -IG'd Aaron.

Source: All pics via IG @galactikcaptain @mikeozzo @lefocker @flabslab @woes

Kookie No Good STGCC-Release from Scott Tolleson

And while I've previously featured the reveal of Scott Tolleson's STGCC-release KOOKIE NO GOOD, here another couple of new imagery (via IG @mrscotttolleson), for your purchasing considerations come September 6th to 7th at the annual Singapore Toy Games & Comic Con. Limited to only 30pcs (The question is: "will all of them make it to STGCC?" *hint-hint*), each 3.5-inch tall bagged-n-tagged vinyl cutie with the most adorable of pouts is priced at approx SGD$50 and available via booth E22. Don't forget to get Scott to sign the piece, as he will be in attendance t STGCC!

DEATH MASK + 3A LOPER Yoshitsune in 1/6 from 3A Toys

UPDATED: HEAVY DUTY LOPER x Severed Bothead available for 3AA members!

Online pre-orders for TK HEAVY SLICER YOSHITSUNE has gone online at Bambalandstore.com, and along with the previously featured 7 BONES-Edition YOSHITSUNE, comes yet another: HEAVY DUTY SLICER DEATH MASK TOMORROW NOTHING. Priced at US $145.00 (includes shipping) - this 12" Fully Articulated figure + POSTER has a scheduled December shipping. Any 3AA or "chase" versions besides?


GOTHAM Royal Flush Set Print from Noval Hernawan for Singapore Toy, Games & Comic-Con 2014

This year, in conjunction with Batman’s 75 Anniversary and the upcoming GOTHAM television series, illustrator Noval Hernawan has done a 6 pages limited; GOTHAM Royal Flush Print Set! Designed pencilled and inked by Noval himself, and colored in a 'art nouveau' style by his fellow Indonesian artist Arieswendha, who has combined both manual and digital technique - with the images shown here being work-in-progress (and might not be the final color).

And while both size and price(s) are as yet determined, the prints will be available via the GnB booth at Singapore Toy Games & Comic Con (Sept 6-7, 2014.

"The prints set consist of 6 pairs of heroes/villains from the Batman universe in a Royal Flush cards format. Each cards have one letter that will be read as G O T H A M once you spread it.

It’s a Yin/Yang Good vs Evil pairs where you can either display the heroes on top or upside down for the bat villains fans. Oh but I want to see all of the characters without flipping my cards or my collection folder! Easy. Get two sets of them. And there you have the twelve characters for your eyes to feast. :D"
-teases Noval Hernawan.


Prints & Postcards by 'The Real Firestarter' for Singapore Toy, Games & Comic-Con 2014

Besides the debut of the ramen eating panda bear named "Noodles", local illustrator Sarah Isabel Tan AKA The Real Firestarter will be offering up prints and postcards bearing her illustrations! Gotta heart the different chibi-Gozillas stomping about! Check out more of her artwork on her blog + Tumblr, and visit here booth AA34 at Artist Alley come September 6th to 7th for Singapore Toy Games & Comic Con next weekend!

Sketchbook #3 from Keh Choon Wee for Singapore Toy, Games & Comic-Con 2014

Peep the finished colored artwork t the cover of Keh Choon Wee AKA "K"s Sketchbook #3, that will be releasing at next weekend's Singapore Toy Games & Comic Con (Sept 6-7, 2014) exclusively via Booth AA37 in Artist Alley!

"Paying homage to the old skool RPG feel like Shining Force and Chrono Trigger." - was how K described the cover design, which feature characters from his own original story concept; "Datoots" (formerly known as "Katoots"), for which he describes as;
"…essentially more of a Medieval, fantasy based concept, stuff that I like to draw - medieval, dinosaurs, dragons tat kind of stuff … the approach to them is trying to make them ugly and yet adorable at the same time … I'll have more sketches on datoots on my new sketchbook." -shared K (and here's some interior page sketches for you!):

Did you know his "Datoots" characters were also seen on the cover of his Sketchbook #2?


TK YOSHITSUNE of the 7BONES by 3A Toys On Sale Sept 1st

UPDATED: In the August 31st VOX emalier were more images and info regarding the TOMORROW KINGS 7 BONES HEAVY SLICER YOSHITSUNE:
"September 1st - is the PRE-ORDER for the TOMORROW KINGS 7 BONES HEAVY SLICER YOSHITSUNE at BAMBALAND. The PRE-ORDER starts at 9:00AM HK time and will last for around 24 hours or so. YOSHITSUNE is priced at $145USD and that price includes worldwide shipping! Estimated shipping is around December 2014."

In addition to the images of Heavy Duty Slicker TK Yoshitsune, here's a new image, PLUS a little "revelatory" write-up that might stir collectors of 3A Toys' "7 Bones" up into perhaps a "buying frenzy"? Heh.
3ATOYS: "YOSHITSUNE of the 7BONES, the catcher - if memories were real, and they seldom are - you would hold a drink high in his memory... If you could remember... you would remember a cat that sings and says fuck, a guy who cant find himself but can stop Death with a touch, and an orange robot that was once a...$145 to build your own future memories on September 1."
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