Office Cat Kaiju 1st edition by Max Toy Co Sold Out!

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Here is a "clean" look at the first edition of OFFICE CAT KAIJU since Sold Out at maxtoyco.com, after it's debut at Design Festa. Priced at US$28, the unpainted grey flannel version includes 2 heads and one body. Future editions will be sold separately. Next release will be painted versions!

Concept by Mark Nagata, Character Design Javier Jimenez, sculpt by Cristine Ravenna, Production by Yo Miyamoto. Here are more snaps from Design Festa to relish!

Design Festa CAT KAIJU NYAGIRA by Max Toy Co Now Available Online!

Available right now on www.maxtoyco.com is a new colorway of CAT KAIJU NYAGIRA, with this aprox 3.75 inches tall piece making it's debut at last weekend's Design Festa Vol.42, now available online for US$35.00. A Max Toy / Monster Boogie production, sculpted by Makino-san of TTToys.

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ZARO - Wood Sprites by Pepe Hiller Drop Dec 1st

Pepe Hiller sends words and pictures of his upcoming wooden toy releases, scheduled for a December 1st 2015 drop @ 22:00 CEST (16:00 EST) via pepehiller.storenvy.com!
"I've worked the last weeks on a limited edition of wooden characters that i had in mind for a long time but never had the chance to craft. Let me introduce you to the ZARO wood sprites, they just love to hug each and everyone that passes by! The larger ones are 4.5 inch tall and the little ones are 3 inches and they come in three different kind of solid woods. They are stackable so if you get a pair they will have even more fun on your shelf! ^__^

As an additional surprise release i'll have a limited quantities of WOODHEARTS in my store available! This time they come as fridge magnets in maple and sapele wood. A perfect little X-mas gift for your dearly beloved ones, your friends or yourself! :]"

ZARO's - 4.5 & 3 inch Wood Toys by Pepe Hiller
(Limited edition of 18 pieces - 9x 4.5" and 9x 3”)
"The ZARO's are crafted out of 3 different woods: Alder wood (light brownish), sapele wood (reddish brown) and smoked oak (dark brownish). Of each wood there are three 4.5" and three 3" figures available. All pieces are signed, numbered and oiled & waxed with a beeswax finish. The tiny arms are made out of solid brass."

WOODHEARTS - 1 inch Wooden Magnets
(Limited Edition of 25 pairs)
"The handcrafted WOODHEARTS magnets are ready to take over your fridge! These iron-branded wood hearts have a strong magnet inlayed on their backside and will hold your notes tight. A pair contains one maple wood magnet and one sapele wood magnet with a high gloss finish."

Shadoe Delgado's New Custom Commission Pricing

""Hello, Shadoe Delgado here bringing you news of my new commission pricing. I've knocked off up to $50 custom toy pricing. I have Custom Munny and Dunny listings ready for purchase in my shop and if there is any interest in having other items customized I'm open for inquiries. I can be contacted via email at ShadoeDelgado@gmail.com or through the contact form on my website @ ShadoeDelgado.com

Here's my new custom commission pricing
Custom 3" Dunnys: $80
Custom 4" Mini Munnys: $100
Custom 7" Munnys: $180"

New Poop plushies & Dingleberries set from Furry Feline Creatives

"After a period of constipation, the Poop plushies are here! They are handmade and hand-sewn by Cheri Ong. Stands at 8" made with soft fleece, felt and polyfill. Also for the Christmas season, we are releasing the "Dingleberries" set. Dingleberries are a delinquent partial turd which graps anal shruberry causing brownish crust to accumulate in ones boxers. Available at furry-feline.com." - Alvin Ong.

Post DesignerCon & New artwork from turboPISTOLA

Daniel Smith AKA turboPISTOLA (turbopistola.com / 13Stories) shares with us pics and word of the availability of his work from DesignerCon, now available at turbopistola.storenvy.com.
"A slew of Ion Men customs, including a run of Microman inspired figures, as well as the Elephantos: Gold edition resin figure. I also have new pins available as well as some patches, stickers and shirts. Also balls." - turboPISTOLA
(Cheers for the headsup, Daniel)

PLUMKIN by Domo Wasaki

From Domo Wasaki comes PLUMKIN - sculpted and hand painted by Domo himself. Released at the Vienna Comic Convention, now the 3.5 inch tall resin toy is currently available online thru Ebay (or directly via email contact: shop@domowasaki.com).

Priced at US$35 (shipped worldwide) and limited to 50pcs, every item is signed and numbered, and comes in polybag with header.
"Each Toy is UNIQUE and SLIGHTLY DIFFERENT. Some have a matte and some a glossy finish! Some have 'Tattoo' on their butts… some don’t … if they have … it’s a unique one … some have more red highlights … some have slight different facepaints …" -added Domo.

[ More images HERE on FB ]


A Closer Look at Bake-Kujira The Phantom Whale by TAG x Candie Bolton

We've had a look at the beast at it's debut at DesignerCon, and now thanks to creator Candie Bolton, let's take a closer look at her BAKE-KUJIA THE PHANTOM WHALE, as splendidly sculpted by @macsorro!

"I'm happy to present to you my first Kaiju design, Bake-Kujira. Inspired by Japanese folklore and the king of Kaiju, Godzilla (Gojira is a combination of the word "gorilla" and "kujira" the Japanese word for whale). A phantom whale comes into existence whenever a whale dies a tragic death at the hands of a human. The finished product will be an 11" tall soft vinyl toy and will be released early 2016." - shared Candie Bolton.

Produced by Toy Art Gallery, seen at DCon was the prototype, seen in image posted below (alongside the new "Poultry Rex" by Ron English). Now I cannot wait to see it in Full Color! :)

Mighty Jaxx's XXRAY Special Preview & Pre-sale @ Action City (Dec 5)

Making their display debut at STGCC earlier this year, Mighty Jaxx will next showcase the first 3 characters for their collaboration with DC Comics, while offering pre-sales for Superman, Wonder woman and Batman from their XXRAY series - featuring the dissected aesthetics of Jason Freeny!

The designated venue will be Action City in Ngee Ann City (@ #B2-13) from 12noon. The Mighty Jaxx Crew will be in attendance as well, although all sales and retail enquires will be handled by Action City.

And while final prices are as yet announced, expected retail to be US$19.90 (approx SGD$28+). Stay tuned for further updates and product stats.

(Source: Facebook Events Page)


TOYSREVILART's #BlackFriday Timed Release Inktober Artwork

Available to purchase starting from now is a series of ink drawings of my interpretation of various artists/designers toys, done for Inktober 2015! A total of 9 x drawings have been listed for your purchasing considerations and pleasures, with each piece priced at US$45 - Shipping/handling FREE to anywhere in the world!

Click on THIS LINK to view my "Black Friday" Timed Releases :)

Sized 148mm/5.8inches across (give or take) x 210mm/8.3inches, this is a one-of-a-kind illustration using white ink, wax pencil on 125gsm black card.

Once purchased, the requested piece will be cut out from the sketchbook, and will come packed in a sealed mylar plastic bag with an acid-free card, and mailed to you flat in a bubble wrapped envelope, all with my sincere gratitude.

All International address with come with Registered Article status. Local/Singapore addresses will be via SingPost.

*There is no limit to how many pieces you can buy from this series!

*ALL sales end December 1st @ 12noon Singapore-time :)

Thank you for your considerations, purchase and support!
Cheers :)

'Good Morning' - New Limited Screen Print from Hugh Rose

Hugh Rose shares with us images and product info for his new screen print, currently available online here.

Entitled "Good Morning" - this is a 5 Colour Screen Print on heavy 410gsm A2 size Somerset stock, and limited to 50 prints. The price is £65 + shipping + tax, worldwide shipping available. (Email "hrose6161 [at] hotmail.co.uk" for a shipping quote),

Kosrobot's Dreary One from Cosmos Cold Releasing Nov 29

Releasing November 29 @ 4PM Los Angeles time via kosrobot.com is the DREARY ONE from Kosrobot. Each 6 inches tall resin figure is priced at US$50 + shipping. Kos further describes it as;
"…have five points of articulation, swappable parts (arms, hands, helmet, face - all could be interchanged with future Cosmos Cold releases), fully painted with green sprays and black washes; comes bagged, including two vinyl stickers, and sealed with a colorful double-sided individually numbered card (edition of 50)."
"Figures are here and almost ready. I have several finished examples now and a full box of parts screaming to be finished, painted and assembled into full figures. As I was writing in social networks, due to some production issues, figures are cast in soft resin, instead of vinyl. I am sorry for that, but this decision was taken to prevent a much longer wait." - shared Konstantin Budkevich.

Concrete Warriors: beaяs sculptural set by WASTE

From Russia/Petrozavodsk-based artist known as "WASTE" (IG @waste_official) comes "CONCRETE WARRIORS: beaяs" - with these mix media-made (*papiermache) figurines standing 15 / 24 cm, in an edition of 1 (More images viewable here on Facebook) … interesting make and form, and I am intrigued to find out who else makes up the "Concrete Warriors" :)

Folks interested are to email 20takemyenergy11@mail.ru for further availability info.

"Arachnid Gnaw invasion imminent!" warns Plaseebo

*Stay tuned to TOYSREVIL for further updates*

Darth Samurai by Artmymind available Now!

Listed online and available to purchase now is DARTH SAMURAI and DARTH SAMURAI CRIMSON from Artmymind.

The black-and-silver colored Darth Samurai is a figure designed, sculpted and handcasted in resin by Artmymind. Standing exactly 3 inch tall (7.6cm), this big boy will be available starting Nov 27 at 11pm Paris time for 72h only, each priced at US$85.00

The Crimson variant is a limited edition of 15 figures, each priced at US$95.

These were listed during the Thanksgiving Friday, so folks might have missed out, otherwise they might already have been snapped up! Stay sharp, people!

Pobber Teases New Project: "Autumn is over, Winter is coming."

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"Autumn is over, Winter is coming." teases Pobber Toys, for their as-yet-revealed but-for-this-image upcoming release … which looks to be like Gary Ham's Sylvan, but then again I am automatically assuming so because of the sharper angular shapes seemed to be suggested here ... alas I am grabbing at straws … what do YOU think it is? :)

Stay tuned to IG @pobbertoys for updates!

Castle Grayskull & Snake Mountain Print Set by Jason Edmiston x Super7

SUPER7 PRESS: "Artist Extraordinaire Jason Edmiston and Super7 are returning to Eternia! Journey to the land of the Masters of the Universe with a brand new set of prints. Now you can have the Power of Castle Grayskull and the sinister Evil of Snake Mountain for your very own!

The set of two 12″ x 16″ signed and numbered Castle Grayskull and Snake Mountain giclees are printed on heavy, textured, acid-free paper using archival inks perfectly matched to the vibrant colors of the original acrylic painting by Jason Edmiston, in an edition of 100 sets. Printed by Dave Correia."
(Buy Here for US$60)

New #Fallout Figure Teaser from Threezero x Bethesda Studios

Threezero unleashes a new teaser image for their upcoming Fallout release with Bethesda Studios, with the image of the "Power Armour" Suit showcasing a "human" headsculpt underneath the helmet? Ooohhh-FUN!

As we await further product and release details, here are some select screengrabs from the latest Fallout4 official launch trailer!

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