Custom-Feature: 'Attack the Block' inspired customs by Darren "Klang" Clegg

[ More images HERE on FB ]
"I absolutely love the movie 'Attack the Block' I thoroughly recommend people watching it as a UK take on alien invasion. So i wanted to try something new and use GID sculpy and fake fur to create the monsters from the movie. Although the GID wasn't quite the right colour i really liked how they turned out. To add to the monster i also created a dunny 'Moses' the character John Boyega plays." -shared Darren Clegg AKA Klang.
There are 2 sets for sale - "Attack: mini munny and moony" for £70, and "Attack2: 7inch foomi and dunny" for £80 - both of whom are available for purchase from www.collectanddisplay.com

[ More images HERE on FB ]

Smokey Stranger - Black Mist Edition by Flawtoys Drops July 30

Releasing Thursday July 30 – 2015th (at 19:00 CEST) via www.flawtoys.bigcartel.com is Flawtoys' SMOKEY STRANGER - BLACK MIST Edition. Featuring a "unique" black smoke in every figure, each stands 7.7" tall, and will be limited to 10pcs worldwide, priced at €95.00 per. Looking clean and crisp work as always!

Little Batlings from Tomodachi Island Drops July 27

From Emelie Jensen & Tomodachi Island comes images of LITTLE BATLINGS and word of them being unleashed into the toy-wild come July 27th (at 09.00 PM BST) via www.tomodachiisland.bigcartel.com, with each 3" tall custom priced at £72.00 per, with 4 character designs to choose from; Loki, Guster, Fioline and Pellie.

[ More images ]
WHAT-ARE: "The little Batlings live in the deep caverns of Tomodachi Island. Funny enough these little creatures are very scared of the dark. This has resulted in the Caverns being one of the brightest places on Tomodachi Island. They have decorated the caverns with bright fairy-lights in all the colors of the rainbow. Their furs are naturally dark and quite dull but they have sorted this out themselves as well by painting each other in various colors and patterns. "Dark" is just something they don't want to know about, so they pretend that it does not exist at all."

Wonder Festival goodies from RAMPAGE TOYS available online now

RAMPAGE TOYS releases a few remaining items from Wonfes (including goodie packs and Dino-sets) on rampagetoysandart.bigcartel.com, along with a message from Jon himself;
"The shop will close on Tuesday night (Tuesday here in Tokyo) for the summer - re-opening in September. All orders that are in now, or that I receive by tomorrow night, will ship by this Friday! Hope you're all having a rad summer - I'm heading off on an adventure next Monday, so apologies in advance for any delayed email responses."

Introducing "Wood-cutting Wood"​ by heuicheon

South Korea-based designer and artist Heuicheon Yang shares with us snaps and word of his latest toy release, with an intriguing back-story;
"There’s a place called Unnatural nature where all things are unnatural. A wood called “Wood-cutting Wood” loves cutting woods. He doesn’t know what he does, why he does, and how many woods he’s cut. He is a very skilled carpenter and also an infamous serial killer for woods."
Woodlands Killer FTW! Find out more here on heuicheon.com

[ Individual images HERE on FB ]

"Driftwood": Fons God of Spring from Kyle Kirwan

"It's my birthday! In honor of that I'm sharing some test pulls of a figure I'll be releasing soon called, "Driftwood". He stands about 6 inches tall and almost as wide. He is the God of Spring, known as Fons, but everyone calls him Driftwood. It's the second God of Seasons to be released." - shared Kyle Kirwan.
FYI: Kyle is currently enroute to Wizard World Chicago where he'll be in Artist's Alley, so feel free to go bug him there! Nopt top mention DesignerCon at the end of the year!

Custom-Feature: Hannya Maiko by 2PetalRose

Laim at 2PetalRose sends over snaps of his latest resin Maiko commission named "Hannya Maiko". Along with the base this piece stands 15.5 inches, with all materials featured custom designed and printed. Head on over to THIS FB Post for more images! Loving the "Oni" aesthetic, and adds another depth of story to the figure's character, IMHO!

[ More images HERE on FB ]

New Soko Cat sculpture by NEMO to debut at #NYCC2015

Mike "NEMO" Mendez shares with us a peek at a commissioned sculpt he had done for custom toy artist Soko Cat, based on her character design! Expect these to be made available circa New York Comic-Con in October! Further product and availability updates when I have them…

"Final Release" Edition of "Wish Upon Me…" by Yoskay Yamamoto x Mighty Jaxx

Yoskay Yamamoto x Mighty Jaxx shares with us their "final release" of wish upon me… - with this 7.5" / 19 cm hand-painted Polystone Art Collectible limited to 100 sets and available to purchase online here for US$100 per.
MIGHTY JAXX PRESS: "Paying homage to America in the style and colour of the personality Evel Knievel, this minimalist design now comes with a hand crafted cape created specially for us."


"LUCID DREAM" Sleepwalker Custom Group Show @ Toy Art Gallery: Opening Night Video & Customs Listed Online

WHAT-IS: "Toy Art Gallery is proud to present LUCID DREAM, the Sleepwalker Custom Group Show! Kurobokan’s adorable Sleepwalker vinyl figure has come down from cloud nine and this select group of artists have given him the Best in Show treatment!" (Customs available online to to purchase here!)

Above: Tim Stephson / DrilOne
Below: Jeremi Rimel / JonPaul Kaiser

1/6 DESTINY Titan from ThreeA Toys for Pre-Order July 27

ThreeA Toys prepares to unleash the DESTINY Titan figure in 1/6 on www.bambalandstore.com from July 27th at 9:00am HK time - with this being the "Bambaland Exclusive Edition".

NOTE: "Retail Edition will be available for Pre-Order on July 31st and does NOT include the Hawkmoon Hand Cannon Exclusive Weapon."

Priced at US$190 per, the articulated action figure stands approx. 12.6-Inches (32cm) tall and features over 24 Points of Articulation, along with these toy-swishness:

- 2 Sets of Interchangeable Hands
- Battle Worn Armor Over A Tailored Cloth Under Suit and a Waist-Secured Titan Mark
- Bambaland Orders Include FREE International Shipping.

Bambaland Exclusive Edition comes with the Hawkmoon Exotic Hand Cannon
• Exotic Primary Weapon - Hawkmoon Hand Cannon
• Primary Weapon - Shadow Price Auto Rifle
• Special Weapon - Felwinter’s Lie Shotgun
• Heavy Weapon - Zombie Apocalypse WF47
*Design and color may change on final shipping version

Skull Pop Custom-#MADL from MAD Toy Design

"I'm planning to do more of these in this style. Was fun taking doodles from my book and wrapping them on the #‎MADL figure. This ones up for grabs in the store if anyone wants it." - MAD Toy Design (Sold Out for US$150 / Reverse of MADL for kind reference :p)

#Berserk's GUTS in 1/6 by Threezero for WonderFest [SUMMER] 2015

On display this weekend at WonderFest [Summer] 2015 will be Threezero's 1/6th scaled GUTS from Kentarou Miura x Hakusensha's manga/anime "Berserk " - and it looks absolutely amazing in this sole teaser pic!

Stay tuned as I attempt to bring you more snaps!

FullMetal Ghost Comic Book Special Issue at ACG2015

THREEZERO SAID: "Here is our B/3 display at ACG2015, please come and see all three FullMetal Ghost figures, including latest release: FullMetal Ghost Shadow Blade. Don't miss an opportunity to see FullMetal Ghost and FullMetal Ghost Captain Form diorama, showcasing our collaboration work with Bandai and great Kunio Okawara!

To thank B/3 FullMetal Ghost supporters and booth visitors, we will hand out FullMetal Ghost Comic Book Special Issue at ACG2015, limited to 200 copies daily, first come, first served!

Comic handing out time: 14:30 - 16:00
Place: HKACG 2015 B/3 booth
Please ask our staff on sight for instructions"
(More pics here on FB)

THREEZERO x BANDAI (B/3) FullMetal Ghost Shadow Blade Now On Pre-order

THREEZERO PRESS: "Third release from collaboration with Bandai and great Kunio Okawara (大河原邦男): B/3 (BANDAI + 3Zero) FullMetal Ghost Shadow Blade [ 藏 影 ] is available for pre-order right now at www.threezerostore.com for US$360/HKD2800 (with worldwide shipping included in the price) and we plan to keep this pre-order open for eight weeks. We hope that it will give all our fans a better opportunity to add Shadow Blade to their collections! You need to prepare some space for this fig, as Shadow Bade stands nearly 16.5" (~42cm tall)!"
THREEZERO PRESS CONTINUED: "FullMetal Ghost Shadow Blade comes with fully articulated and extremely detailed 6” (~15.2cm) tall pilot; has over one hundred fully posable action joints (including articulated fingers); openable hatch with detailed cockpit and equipped with light-up feature in eyes, shoulders, front chest, upper back & cockpit (AG1 batteries needed for the light-up feature and batteries not included).

Shadow Blade purchased at threezerostore will be coming with pair of Tekko-Kagi (detachable claws)."

Check out more images and info on the sales Facebook Events page … looks as amazing as my previous posted images, and such a glorious figure to behold, IMHO. Am also really liking the pilot/operator/ninja and it's cartoon-styled eye design LOL …. now someone needs to go make the "FullMetal Ghost Shadow Blade" into an feature-length animated film! SRSLY!

Juan Muniz & Nathan Hamill #SDCC Figures Now Available via 3D Retro

Making their debut at San Diego Comic-Con 2015 (July 8-12), 3D Retro now offers these two pieces both in-store and online via www.3dretro.com:

Nathan Hamill's Lavabear: Glow in the Dark Edition (above up-top) is priced at US$80 - with this edition limited to 75 pieces worldwide.

Felipe Uh-Oh by Juan Muniz (shown below) stands 9.5 inches tall (from top of balloons) and is priced at US$55. Limited to 200 pieces worldwide. Vinyl. Window Box.

PreSale of FELIX by Brent Nolasco on July 29th

Brent Nolasco sends word of his Felix PreSale slated for a July 29th release at 1pm EST. via brentnolasco.bigcartel.com. Price of for figure is US$120 plus shipping.
"A pointy-eared creature. Felix is a two part rotocast resin figure. The size of Felix is (5.5” H x 3.5” W) Wood slice base comes with figure. Felix is 100% hand painted by artist and cast in the USA. This version is a run of 5. Each figure is packed in a bag with header card by artist. Felix pre-sale will be shipped the second week of August. This figure will be pre-sale only. And spots are limited." -shared Brent.

Interchangeable Go Nagai Mazinger Z figures by Katsuya Kurosawa x Unbox Industries at Ani-Con HK 2015

Check out these Katsuya Kurosawa (IG @blackbox1978)-designed Interchangeable Go Nagai Mazinger Z figures - including Mazinger-Z, Aphrodite A, and even Baron Ashura!

Produced by Unbox Industries, these figures will be available to pre-order at Ani-Con HK this weekend and online at a later date. They are soft vinyl and retail for around US$50.00 per figure. The heads+upper torso of each figures seems t be able to be removed and placed into the different "Hover Pilder" base/platforms = Fun!

More information as I get them and as well you should stay tuned to IG @unboxindustries for updates! ... Now wee need to see them in-action/in-play MUAHAHAHAHAHA

(Thanks loads for the trouble, Dan!)
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