Chanel Brainades from Emilio Garcia

Emilio Garcia unveils images of his CHANEL BRAINADES, with this being a "very special commission", currently with zero availability info (will update accordingly when I have the, of course), featuring two tones, with WHITE and BLACK resin brainades branded with the Chanel logo! Gotta love the "pearls" detail on the pull-ring :)

"Hello, World!" from Andrew Bell Revealed for Androids Series 05

PRESS: "Hello, World! This little Android has been activated for the first time and is happy to be here, but not quite sure what to make of it all. Created by series curator Andrew Bell, Hello World is wired for love… but programmed for disappointment. Compiled in a 1/16 ratio."
CLICK HERE to see the rest of the reveals in Series 5 of Android Collectibles :)

VALENTINA Momji Launch Jan 23rd

"Valentina launches exclusively at www.lovemomiji.com on Friday 23rd January. She is packaged in signature Momiji gift box priced at £18.95 or US$27.50. Momiji Valentines dolls are Limited Edition. Each one is hand-numbered on the base and only 850 pieces are created."
(Thanks for the headsup, Claire)

Mystical Warriors of the Ring Evolution Goliath Figure on sale Jan 27

PARTIAL PRESS: "After a complete sell out of limited edition test shots at Designercon in 2014, Mystical Warriors of the Ring (www.mystwarriors.com) Evolution Goliath debuts in mass produced PVC from China.

Produced in a Metallic Emerald Green PVC to match the December Kabuto Mushi Rider Figure, Evolution Goliath will be available on Tuesday January 27th at Noon CST at www.mystwarriors.com for US$6.00 per."

Squid Kids Ink Exclusive figure in Rewind January's Loot Crate

This blog-post is "late" to publish, as the intent of which is over. Nevertheless, this will serve as a record of what had happened, in this instance the inclusion of a Squid Kids Ink Exclusive figure in Rewind January's Loot Crate, and thanks to pics from Jeremy Dale and Cheri Ng-Ong, it has since been revealed to be a "The Fifth Element"-themed design, AND a "Back To The Future"-design!

"I have some exclusive figures coming out in January's Rewind Loot Crate. They want the actual figures to stay a secret until people open the actual boxes, but anybody that knows my stuff has a good idea which figure it is.

I've vaguely announced it on social media, but that's about it. I've crazy been trying to update my website before people get their Crates.

It's pretty obvious what figure it is, but there is a lot of new about it. New version, New packaging, New tooling (but it is an existing figure), and a special surprise."
- shared Nate Mitchell.

Custom "War on Prehis! Battlesaurs" by Small Angry Monster x Goodleg Toys

"I have a collaboration dropping tomorrow, between myself and Goodleg Toys. These War on Prehis! Battlesaurs have been hand painted and weathered and stand almost a foot tall!" -shared Adam Pratt AKA Small Angry Monster (More pics here).
Is it just me, or does armored dinosaurs with buzzsaw for hands an awesome 80s action adventure cartoon waiting to whisk you away to half-an-hour of hijinks in a multicolored land in the google-box of time? LOL

Available now goodlegtoys.storenvy.com for US$92.00 per. And check out War on Prehis' dedicated Facebook Page! Now a faux opening title sequence cartoon might not be a bad idea for promos, no? MUAHAHAHAHA

Hell Raiser Night Gamer #2 “Frank” from Plaseebo

"The second in an ongoing new series of Night Gamers inspired by the Hell Raiser movies. “ Frank” is a one of a kind custom vinyl with mangey black hair, inset teeth, nose bone and eyes. Illuminated from within by an internal motion activated color-changing LED unit with replaceable batteries. Signed and dated 2015. “FRANK” will be available from the Plaseebo Web store on Wednesday January 28th."
Dude. He's like the guy waiting n the shadows below your bed of dreams waiting to hum into your ear a medley of 80s arcade game tunes = NICE! LOL

Mini Oooze in my Pocket & Toxic in my Pocket toys from Blurble

PRESS: "Being released this Saturday at 3pm pst at Blurbleone.bigcartel.com is the Mini Oooze in my Pocket and the Toxic in my Pocket Keshi toys from Blurbleone. They glow super bright and are nice and squishy. Size is 3in tall. Price is $12." -shared Blurbleone.com.

"Toxic Ooze in my Pocket" literally sounds the awesomenest thing a kidult could ever dream of, methinks! Imagine if you are wearing thin fabric pants and your pocket glows like it is irradiated ad ready to explode! Now THAT is FUN! LOL

POPCORNX Blog-Mascot Auditions #1: "Popcorn" from Yum Yum

A photo posted by TOYSREVIL (@toysrevil) on

I am contemplating bringing about with me a toy-mascot, for taking snaps of movie-viewings and stuff, with. I blog primarily about "toys" for living at TOYSREVIL, so this is a fun thing for me, IMHO. So I'll be holding "blog-mascot auditions" for existing characters to be "used" as the unofficial mascot for my other movie fan-blog POPCORNX! No that there are much to pick from in the first place tho, but hey, I shall remain hopeful! :)

First choice is quite literally, "Popcorn" from London-based Yum Yum! Hey, who wouldn't like a nekkid dude wearing a pair of 3D specs and a bag of popcorn as a hat? LOL

A photo posted by TOYSREVIL (@toysrevil) on


Totem Android from @Reactor88 Revealed for Androids Series 05

Reveals for ANDROIDS Series 05 continues with this TOTEM ANDROID from Ryan Crippen AKA Reactor-88 - featuring his totem-stylings seen in his varied custom works thru the years, now on a production toy! With a 1/16 ratio for this design, the lineup will also feature artwork from Google, Andrew Bell, Devilrobots, Gary Ham, Jon Paul Kaiser, Kong Andri, Lunabee, and Scott Tolleson. Release is scheduled for January 2015, so check in with your fav retailers for availability.

Fluffy House @ Game Arcade Toy Diorama FTW!

The Fluffy House toy gang enjoying themselves at the game arcade! With pics from Fluffy House Facebook and Pak Lok, these images remind me of a "play" I really miss, with the creation of "dioramas", for which I'd even created a Flickr-group [ Toy Dioramarama ] back in 2006, specifically for images like these!

Meanwhile, check out more images here on FB, and head toward their online store to purchase your own Fluffy House toys ("games arcade" diorama not included :p)!

Famous Chunkies Yoda by Alex Solis x VTSS Toys

If Darth Vader or Storm Trooper Chunkies do not give you the yummies, maybe YODA would? The Force Is Strong Between Them Sesame Buns …

This is the third Famous Chunkies character designed by Alex Solis (original art insert-right) to be produced by VTSS Toys in polystone (Above 3D rendering image by Yumin).

Would be fun to see the Jedi-master balance the burger on his finger in his collectible-form LOL

Valentine's Day Dumpling Plush from Shawnimals

"Valentine's Day Dumpling Plush" from Shawnimals purchasable here for US$18 per, includes an outer label for you to fill in sweet words of love and devotion that might get you some sexy-time by nightfall … or not … aaahhhh I'd forgotten how these things work anyways ~ ;p
PRODUCT PRESS: "As always, our dumplings are filled with love. But what else? This time, it's up to you and sweetie. After all, it's important to us that you make Shawnimals your own! When you purchase this year's Valentine's Day dumpling plush, you get: Three mini plush dumplings in various shades of pink and red. One of the three has a heart on it!

The outer label has a blank space for you to fill in with your most important thing. you decide what these dumplings are filled with besides love. Fun!

Comes in an adorable take-out box because dumplings. This limited time series is handmade in Chicago by us! Grab one now while you still can."

"Grrr... Big Cat Series" from FullerDesigns

"I am excited to announce the Grrr... Big Cat Series! I have been working on this project for a long time, I have never really made anything this big before. Usually tried to stay in the 3" range so I decided if I was going to make a 6" figure it would be of my favorite character Grrr..." - shared James Fuller for FullerDesigns
The Big Cat Designs include: Classic Tiger suite, Snow Leopard, Lion and Panther (Bloody), and they are currently for sale via fullerdesigns.storenvy.com priced at US$140 each.

"I sculpted him with the mind set of him being all grown up. A little rough around the edges, meaner and not quite as cute as before.

I molded him and then casted him in resin. They are hand painted with Createx airbrush paints and then detail in acrylic brush paints.

I am very happy with how these came out. Being these take me a while to produce these will be very limited. Four per series is pushing it for me.

So for now, this is Series 1. Hope fully I can have a whole new set of Big Cats later on in the year, but for now. I hope you like them!"
-added James Fuller. [ More Images HERE ]

Wonder Woman: The Art of War Statue featuring design by Robert Valley

"With their invisible muscle car, roller skating Giganta and wave riding Wonder Woman, the animated Wonder Woman shorts created by Robert Valley stand as one of the most original interpretations of the iconic hero ever set to film. Now, this stylish take is brought to life by DC Collectibles as the latest statue in the Wonder Woman: The Art of War line. Look for it in comic book and specialty stores in Fall, 2015!" (Youtube)

If I only ever have ONE WW statute to own,
THIS would be it! *LOVE THIS*

Avengers: Age of Ultron from Funko (Pop!, Mystery Minis, Pocket Pop! Keychains, Wacky Wobbler, Fabrikations, oh my!)

Remember when Funko inadvertently "leaked" a design of an Iron Man armor design circa "Iron Man 3"? Here's hoping I'll not be asked to pull THIS image reveal of THE VISION from the upcoming Avengers: Age of Ultronfeature film!

Mike Dombroski on my FB had suggested this Pink+Grey to be "Mark 1" of the Vision - which sorta makes sense - as we've been seeng loads of the Red+Green version teased thus far ... and i am crossing my fingers said-Red+Green does not get air-time only at the END of the film, after Ultron had ripped away at the "Mark 1" uniform? hhhmmm

Anyways - back to Funko's spread, and boy, have the toy-makers planned to conquer the to-shelves with products galore! From Pop!s (What? No "Black Widow"???), to Mystery Minis (One Word: "HULKBUSTER"), to Pocket Pop! Keychains and Mini Wacky Wobblers (all of whom will be available in March), and in April you could get your hands on their plush "Fabrikations" editions of your fav Avengers-characters.

AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON premieres in theaters May 1st. Plenty of time to get your TOY-ON, people! Check out THIS album on FB for individual images!

Custom-Feature: Triger 20" Dunny by Clogtwo

""Triger" is three eyed psychic feline covered with arabic influence scriptures for stripes. Lurking among the cracks in the concrete jungles hunting for demons and ghosts."
TRIGER is a 20-inch tall custom-painted Dunny by Clogtwo for a collector. Triger is awesome, and this has to be one of my fav customs from him yet! Go bug Eman for your own commissioned art toy IG @clog_two, GO! :)

Clementine by Kathie Olivas x Tomenosuke: Colored Prototype & Turnarounds

TOYSREVIL is pretty excited to present today Kathie Olivas' new sofubi figure made with Tomenosuke, and CLEMENTINE is her name! And adorable polka dots are her name LOL … Kathie added; "This is just the prototype; the spots will be loose airbrush…" - and I love the attachable creature detail/design on her arm too! Here are more images of the sculpt, along with words from Tomenosuke:

"10 months have already passed since the sketches were received from Kathie Olivas. The ever outstanding Yohei Kaneko worked on the prototype and completed it with the support of Kathie’s advice. It was the end of last year when the test pulls arrived from the Obitsu Plastic Manufacturing Co. We are currently preparing for production of the first edition based on Kathie’s coloring draft." -shared Shinji Nakato for Tomenosuke.


Max Toy Co MaxxBots in Black & Silver from Mark Nagata

Mark Nagata from Max Toy Co is currently working on new colorway edition of MAXXBOTS, and this WIP-snap of these spentastic black with silver accented awesomeness making my knees all wobbly and anxious! In an edition of only 10 pieces, stay tuned to his Instagram @maxoyco for updates!

Vulkira Dissection Poster by Jeffrey Lamm & Toy Seen at HK Toys & Games Fair 2015

This VULKIRA DISSECTION Poster was drawn by Jeffrey Lamm and colored and designed by Eric Smith, and is currently available to purchase here for US$20. Limited to an edition of 50, sized 12" x 18" on 80lb cover stock - too bad this is limited to USA orders only!

Check out Vulkira the vinyl robot on display at the recent HK Toy & Games Fair under producers Unbox Industries:

About That "Space Lobster" paint test for Jeffrey Lamm's SMD5 from Unbox Industries

Jeffrey Lamm's SMD5 by Unbox Industries teased here in it's "space lobster" paint test, and this is the third colorway seen online thus far - including the EVA Purple and a brown edition - seen at HK Toy & Games Fair, being rocket-fist-punched at by Eric Smith's Vulkira heehee … hoooboy, I think there might be an "obsession" going on here … "healthy" for my toy-loving, and "unhealthy" for me wallet, innit? HAH!

PearlEsceNt GiD LOIC from BanaNa ViruS - Pre-Orders Open Jan 23rd

If you gawked along with me at the PearlEsceNt GiD LOIC from BanaNa ViruS I teased earlier, time now to get your online funds in order, for before pre-orders open at 12:00 on January 23rd, 2015 (Taiwan time)!

The price for each 21cm tall figure is NT$2,280 (US$73-) excluding shipping and Paypal (+4.5%). This edition is limited to 100pcs, split 50/50 between Taiwan and Japan.

Orders+Enquiries to email "taranti.gugu@msa.hinet.net" (With the product's name and the purchaser's name). Produced by Tomenosuke, expect the other 50pcs to pop up at www.tomenosuke.com.

3A Toys' Transformers MEGATRON Pre-Order Begins Jan 30, 2015

With the excitement of Bumblebee still hanging in the air, 3A Toys unleashes images of their next Transformer-release, introducing MEGATRON! Seen in his guise from Michael Bay's feature film incarnation, pre-order for this Decepticon begins January 30th @ Bambalandstore.com from 9AM Hong Kong-time. Stay tuned for more images and product info. [ More images HERE ]

Reveal of RETAIL STRING DIVERS from 3A Toys

The first series of Microman AKA "STRING DIVERS" offered by 3A Toys had the 6" tall articulated figures donning fabric uniforms … this time around, the "Retail String Divers) - for retailers outside of Asia - sees the characters in clear-tinted colored bodies instead! We first saw an non-color tinted version in SD05 Julian … Will update with further details when I have them :)

"Alive Without Breath" - Solo Show by Jeng Lye @ K+ (Opens Jan 22)

Opening January 22nd at K+ Curatorial Space in Scotts Square (6 Scotts Road, #03-14/15, Singapore / 9383 1629) is "Alive Without Breath" featuring the art of Keng Lye who is know for his "resin paintings of aquatic creatures that look unbelievably real". Above is an image of his "Takeaway Fish", and yes, it is NOT a real fish in a baggie!
"It all starts with a layer of resin which I pour into a container. I cover it with plastic wrap to protect it from dust while it dries and hardens. Then I begin to paint: the parts first, for example, the fins or tail of a fish. After the paint dries, I pour more resin over it. When that dries, I continue to paint on it. This process is repeated until the entire subject is formed, layer by layer." -shared Keng Lye of his process.

The show opens at 12noon, with a reception happening from 7pm to 9pm. Keng Lye will be in attendance and limited copies of the exhibition catalogue signed by him will be available for purchase.

Curated by Kinetic Singapore, "Alive Without Breath" exhibits thru August 31st 2015.

(All pics via kplussg)
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