BArney X by Frank Kozik for DesignerCon 2014

This might be how "Occupy Bedrock" would look like if BArney X protests with AKs and afros! Seeing the prototypes in person excited me, seeing this line-up makes my brains implode with joy!
"I'll be hand painting the details when they arrive. WILL BE AT DCON." -says Frank Kozik.
"We had a blast developing this figure for him and looking forward to doing the Pre Historic Fist bump with the man himself at the show." -says Klim Kovinevich at Bigshot Toyworks.

Gary Baseman's Red Edition WildGirl Beverly & ChouChou vinyl toy + free print

3DRetro and Gary Baseman announces the red colorway release of WildGirl Beverly and ChouChou vinyl toy available EXCLUSIVELY at the Baseman webstore, priced at US$95 per set.
PRESS: "This red colorway is limited to 150 pieces worldwide and includes a 6-inch "Beverly," a 3.5-inch "ChouChou," plus an exclusive 5 x 7 in. giclee print signed by Gary Baseman. Both figures can stand on their own (flower bases included) or can join together at the hands via a magnetic attraction."

Judge Dredd: Superfiend Trailer & Message from Adi Shankar

An origin story of Judge Death: "I thought I'd give my friends (I mean that figuratively as I don't know anyone at Marvel) at Marvel a break and myself a taste of my own medicine by "bootlegging" Judge Dredd. Just so that we are clear, this is a different interpretation of the character and the universe, an interpretation that is family friendly and geared towards little children." - Producer; Adi Shankar

Decimus Revealed for "Scrambled Wood" by Wood Candy Workshop

The reveal of the fourth and final character in Wood Candy Workshop's "Scrambled Wood" series is "Decimus", who along with Auggie, Brick and Crispy will be made available at DesignerCon 2014 (Nov 8-9)

Cameron Tiede adds a little teaser; "…what I haven't said is that all of these figures are hiding a secret that will be revealed Monday!" - Monday it shall be, folks :)

Pop! Games: World of Warcraft Series 2 by Funko

FUNKO PRESS: "Series 2 of the massively popular online role-playing game is here! Four brand new magical characters have joined the World of Warcraft Pop! line.

These characters come from the world of Azeroth, a land of swords and mythical creatures! Inspired by mystical sorcery, these Pop!'s capture the spirit of World of Warcraft! Deathwing is a 6" Super Sized Pop! Available in November!"

TAG x PAUL KAIJU Pollen Kaiser Lavender Release 10/24

"Toy Art Gallery is proud to present Paul Kaiju’s Pollen Kaiser in a special Lavender colorway! This figure is cast is lavender soft vinyl with gold, black, red, yellow and silver sprays and features his signature removable staff weapon and a red doll eye. Sculpt and paint design by Paul Kaiju, production paint by Shirahama."
Pollen Kaiser Lavender stands 10” tall and is priced at US$145 per, and will be available on shop.toyartgallery.com from Friday, October 24th at 12PM PST.

Dissected Gingerbread Man by Mighty Jaxx + Jason Freeny

PRESS: "The Dissected Gingerbread Man is an original art piece sculpted by well known American artist Jason Freeny. We worked with Jason to produce this collectible in time for Christmas 2014! This badass collectible comes with a hanging attachment and will serve you well on a tree, wall or as gifts!"
Releasing 25th October 2014 (LA - 7PM / NY - 10PM) / 26th October 2014 (Singapore - 10AM / Tokyo - 11AM), purchase yours here for US$20 per. And if you're into DIY, here is the unpainted edition for US$15 per.

6 inches / 15 cm
Gloss white ABS art collectible
Designed to be hung on walls and trees
Blister packed in box


Miskha Keep Watch Dunny Has Arrived In SG

I just did something which I (think) I never had done before … I called up my fav "plastic crack dealer" to reserve a Miskha Keep Watch Dunny. I don't do reservations for toys, because it is simply a dangerous path to thread, and I know how dangerous it is personally (You think "Toys R Evil" is a gimmick name? LOL).

Now available in Ozzo Collection are the 3" Polar Edition and Kodiak Editions of the Miskha Keep Watch Dunny. And while the Polar 8" Edition is a Kidrobot exclusive, the brown Kodiak 8" is not, and by the weekend, he will join my Mishka Keep Watch Labbit, and that prospect really toy-xcites me! LOL

FYI: Do check in with your fav retailers on pricing and availability.

PRESS: "Mishka’s fabled Keep Watch character makes its triumphant return and this time it’s taking no prisoners. An entirely new sculpt, the Bad News Dunny is engineered to destroy as 8” and 3” Kodiak and Polar Editions. Sometimes the bear eats you, sometimes you eat the bear, and in the case of Mishka sometimes you wear the bear as a suit!"
(All pics via @mikeozzo)

RoboCop 1.0 Release by Threezero - Pics & Product Info

THREEZERO PRESS: "We are proud to reveal RoboCop 1.0, which is our second release in the 1/6th scale collectible line featuring characters and robots from Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures (MGM) and Columbia Pictures’ motion picture RoboCop.

This fully articulated, highly detailed figure stands at 12.5” (around 32cm) tall and features a realistic metallic paint application and an LED light-up feature on the front of his helmet.

RoboCop 1.0 will be available for pre-order at www.threezerostore.com, starting from October 30th 09:00AM Hong Kong time for 230USD/1780HKD with worldwide shipping included in the price. Orders placed at www.threezerostore.com will feature interchangeable Alex Murphy's head with realistic likeness to his on-screen appearance (this offer is exclusive to threezerostore) and removable helmet visor."
THREEZERO PRESS CONTINUED: "RoboCop 1.0 comes with two weapons: Stun gun & Machine gun and additional hand sculpts. The two weapons can be stored in RoboCop's thighs just like in the film.

RoboCop 1.0 details:
* fully articulated figure;
* figure stands ~12.5" (around 32cm) tall;
* highly detailed mechanical design;
* helmet features LED light-up visor;
* realistic paint application highlighting the details;
* both Stun gun & Machine gun can pop out from left and right built-in holsters;
* both guns can be manually extended;
* 3 kinds of interchangeable hands - relaxed hands, fists & gun holding hands;
* AG1 X 3 button cell batteries (batteries not included)."

About That PINK Colorway Hello Kitty Kaiju by Max Toy Co at #HelloKittyCon

Remember when I blogged about the Sold Out Hello Kitty Kaiju from Max Toy Co? And while there's no new news about said green colorway, how about a new PINK colorway??? Available at Hello Kitty Con @ The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art) in Downtown LA's Little Tokyo, they will ONLY be available via the Japan LA Booth! #NEED

"Look what just arrived!! Hello Kitty Kaiju by Max Toy Co's Mark Nagata! Made in Japan! Super limited quantities! Only 40 made of the pink painted one, and only 25 of the hot pink solid color way! Only available at Hello Kitty Con at the JapanLA Booth! We will sell some each day to give everyone a fair chance of getting one. One per person, while supplies last." - JapanLA

Stenciled-styled #StarWars themed poster series by Boiling Point Creative Group

"Boiling Point has finally decided it was time to create the series of all series! 12 New Posters dedicated to the greatest movie of all time, STAR WARS!"
Folks interested are to he'd directly to their Etsy, and if folks contact Joe Natoli (directly via joe@bpointcreative.com) to purchase the entire 12 posters, he will throw in an exclusive 13th poster FREE! (Remember to tell him TOYSREVIL sent you!)

Do check out indiviual images of this stenciled-styled series HERE on my dedicated Facebook album ~ And May The Force Be With You…!

ThreeA LET'S GROW OLD TOGETHER! Video by Nixon3aa

Nixon of 3A Japan Legion made a video of ThreeA LET'S GROW OLD TOGETHER for their July 2014 exhibition in Parco, Japan, and shares this with TOYSREVIL! Personally, I wish we could see more video coverage of events internationally (not just for 3A Toys, mind you), but yes, because I am toy-greedy MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Sweet work, Nixon! And thanks for sharing with us!

Mini Panda Kings from Angry Woebot x Silent Stage Gallery?

Aaron "Angry Woebots" Martin's Panda King 2 Nightmare Uncrwnd Edition getting their own "Mini-Mes"? Prototypes courtesy of Silent Stage Gallery, with these look to be 3D-prints sized up against an American quarter/coin … currently with no further availability info. Stay tuned to either IG @woes or palmettosilentstage for updates!

Circus Posterus #DCON release of Bitter Mantis editions

We've had a peek yesterday, and today (thanks to Brad!) we have more images of the BITTER MANTIS (green) Heathen Snake and Calliope Jackalope colorways - for "Exclusive Debut release" at DesignerCon 2014 via Circus Posterus Booth #700!

In an edition of 60pcs (each) - each priced at US$95 per, OR US$175 for the pair. Do take note that quantity will be split down the middle, with only 30 being in the states and the other 30 with Tomenosuke in Japan for International sales - so don't go holding back your purchase at DCon!

Also note that this is the first new Calliope format "with her awesome new bangs!" -added Brad Smith :)

Stay tuned for more DCON exclusives to be announced from Circus Posterus too!

#MONSTERDUNNY 2014 by ZombieMonkie - Revealed: The Bride (Bride of Frankenstein)

You know what? "The Doctor" wasn't just insane - he must have been MENTAL! With the creation of The Creation (insert ominous echoooo still…) , dude then decides the patchwork man needed a companion? Introducing "The Bride" (insert ominous thunder and lightning…)

Counting down to the end of the month of October where a #MONSTERDUNNY is released a day, Mikie Graham AKA ZombieMonkie's DIY Unpainted Edition of The Bride (US$15 per) and Painted Version (US$45 per) will be available for your purchase via zombiemonkie.storenvy.com.

"As an added bonus, for every 3 customs purchased you will receive a free Pumpkin Dunny figure only available through multiple purchases. Buy 3 get 1 free, buy 6 get a 2nd special edition pumpkin, buy 9 total and receive another.... and so on. There are 5 total special edition pumpkin styles to collect. Collect all 15 monster customs to uncover what the Mystery pumpkin design will be!"-shared Mikie Graham.

The Bride: "Do I look fat in this dress?"
Frankenstein: "Your hair looks very nice indeed tonight dear!..."

(Re: Frankenstein has fallen into traps by humans before … he ain't
gonna go down again, anytime, anyhow, anywho ... just sayin'… :p)

#DCON2014 Exclusives Round-up (Vol.3)

WHAT: DesignerCon 2014 happens between November 8th to 9th @ Pasadena Convention Center (Exhibit Hall A & B), on 300 East Green Street, Pasadena, CA 91101 (www.designercon.com)

- Aaron Childs shares a couple of promos for his Booth #226 - featuring a sculpture done in collaboration with The Sucklord, and a promo for overlordsofthedesert.com. No further details.

- 3-time "Best Blog" winner in the DTAs SpankyStokes will be helming Booth #518 alongside Trampt, and seems Wetworks has something Stroll-llific planned!

SubUrban Vinyl "Masked" Show & "KRAMPUS" by NEMO

SUBURBAN VINYL PRESS: "Fall is here and that means the ghouls will be coming with their tricks and treats!! So to get into the spirit we are having a Halloween custom mask group show. From creepy to cute and all things in between. This event will be held on October 25th 2014 from 6-9pm"
Shown here is the event flyer and as well the finished custom mask done by Mike "NEMO" Mendez, dubbed "KRAMPUS"! See more images on his FB-page!

SubUrban Vinyl
4 Frederick St
Waldwick,NJ 07463

Hoaxer One Irimi TQ Secret Drop by 3A Toys

With the release for pre-orders of IRIMI TQ - TKLUB this morning Bambalandstore.com, comes the "secret drop" for HOAXER ONE IRIMI, each priced at US$120. And if you do not know by now, all three Irimis are available to only 3AA members, so non-members either ask you fellow 3A Legionnaires for help, or suck thumb(s) … :(

#INKTOBER2014 Feature: Jeremy Dale

WHAT: *#INKTOBER is essentially an art challenge whereby folks draw an ink illustration each day for everyday in the month of October. In this series of blog-features, TOYSREVIL will showcase an artist each day(-ish) and their works for Inktober 2014 - Along with a lil' Q&A, of course!*

WHO: Jeremy Dale
WHAT: Artist/Animator
WHERE: valleydweller.com
SELECT STYLE for INKTOBER: "Brush pen, mostly. Moved from PITT to Pentel halfway through."

TOYSREVIL: Why did you start Inktober for 2014? Did you do the previous years?
JEREMY DALE: I love bandwagon hashtag events like this. It's good motivation to do something every day. I only started Inktober in 2013, but have done some similar events before that.
TOYSREVIL: Is there any specific "theme" you are going for, for this year's Inktober?
JEREMY DALE: Participation is my main theme usually. Looking over my current progress though, I guess this year there's a lot of game/movie references, and a couple mash-ups.

*During Daily Draw February this year on Satellitesoda.com.

I focused on a narrative that I was going to watercolor, but only ended up sketching most of them. I thought about inking all those drawings as part of Inktober, but didn't want to break from the watercolors.

TOYSREVIL: What are you hoping to achieve with executing this project? Do you intend to finish it?
JEREMY DALE: Almost every day is an exercise in self-critique. Every drawing has tangents or tenuous contacts or just bad silhouettes. I'm trying to do more pencil planning before getting into inks to fix that stuff, but it's really hard to eliminate everything. I'm doing most of these during my commute, so it's like an hour of pencil/ink on a train, with some cleanup afterward usually, and that doesn't grant me a lot of time to get super involved in anything, so I do less planning and just diving in and noting the lessons and failures for later.

I'll probably have most of them for sale at my booth (818) during DesignerCon 2014 in November this year in Pasadena, CA [shameless plug].

TOYSREVIL: No worries Jeremy, "shamless plugs" works for me, in fact I encourage it! LOL

Folks can check out Jeremy's Inktober sketches in his dedicated Facebook album here, or head on to his dedicated Flickr album for 2013 & 2014 Inktobers!


Rancid Buttplugs by UME Toys Drop Oct 24th

"With Halloween around the corner I wanted to add a little shocker to the UME ButtPlug line up. Introducing a cheeky brace of rotten customs. Both individually created and painted they stand at just over 2 inches tall cast in resin, each will ship in a header carded bag and be signed on the base."
Dropping Friday October 24th @ 9pm London time via umetoys.bigcartel.com - each will be £25.50 plus shipping.

WOOT BEAR Gallery Opening & Launch on October 25th

Launching and opening on October 25th, is WOOT BEAR @ 147 Clement Street, San Francisco, California (+1 415-487-9000), where Frank Kozik will be signing, and also be releasing a planned quartet of Woot Bear-exclusives, including these Big Orange Heathrows (edition of 25), and "Mr Treat" vinyls (OMG I Want One). ALSO keep a look out for the shop-front, as painted by Kozik with a distinct Halloween-theme!

Stay tuned to updates and find out more via wootbear.com & Facebook!

Above: Store front before paint/Below: After paint:)

I first heard about the WOOT BEAR gallery in my interview with Frank Kozik at STGCC (which unfortunately remains unedited as yet, my bad), in which his description of the gallery and it's intent, brought about a pretty surprisingly profound excitement in the hobby for me personally, which frankly wishes I could be there in the shop physically, if only for the promise of fun and enrichment for the community to rub off on me, even so little as a tinkle :)

Avengers: Age of Ultron Teaser Trailer, Screengrabs & Poster

Woke up this Thursday morning, pretty early too, as I had an early night. Sat down to have a log conversation with mum too, which lasted a good 3 hours, to which I then logged online, and discovered the fury that which was the release of the AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON, apparently 6 days before it's intended scheduled date! The thing is, on regular days, the very FIRST thing I would do in the morning, is log on to see what has happened while I slept (timezones be darned) ... meanwhile, I'll go watch it for the 5th time ~ kthnxbye!

Here are essentially two points to consider:

Got Ultron:

Got Hulkbuster:

(Screengrabs by SuperHeroHype / mirrored HERE on my Popcorn-X FB album
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