64Colors Customs for #SDCC2015 San Diego Comic-Con

64Colors will be represented at the coming San Diego Comic-Con 2015 (July 8-12) specifically via the Rotofugi booth #5248 - with a couple of customs, starting with the above-featured "The Acorn Crusher" = a handpainted custom Triple Crown Monster (Designed by Chris Ryniak and sculpted by Scott Wetterschneider (Shinbone) as the mascot/trophy for the Triple Crown of Yo Yo competition), with this seven inches tall and eight inches wide vinyl beast priced at US$570 (sales tax included) for this one-of-one piece!

Next up is a custom-painted Snybora dubbed the "Puddle Jumper" (also an originally Ryniak-designed figure) - priced at US$270. *SWEETNESS*

Giant Robot for #SDCC2015 San Diego Comic-Con

Giant Robot for San Diego Comic-Con 2015 (July 8-12) includes a fair selection of prints available at Booth #1729 - including Luke Chueh, Yoskay Yamamoto, Katsuya Terada, Mari UInukai and Flat Bonnie's adorable Wookie Sloth plush!

Stay tuned to their Facebook Events page for any further updates, SDCC-going-folks! You have my E.N.V.Y. :)

HEADSPACE Toy & Prints by Luke Chueh x Munky King for #SDCC2015

Munky King will be releasing 100** of Luke Chueh's headspace collectible figure at San Diego Comic-Con 2015 (July 8-12) Booth #4851 - with a splendid price point of US$55 per! MK will also have a "print set" available for purchase when picking up the figure. "These will be released in small amounts Wednesday night, & Thursday morning, & then all the rest during Luke's signing Friday between 1-3pm." -mentioned MK.

**The remaining 100 will be released at a later date exclusively on munkyking.com

Pics via IG @lukechueh + @munkykingtoys

Heavy Metal Baby Deadbeet-Edition from Scott Tolleson & October Toys' goodies for #SDCC2015

You've seen an image for Scott Tolleson's Mini Metal Deadbeets … now check out the "Antique Silver" AKA "Heavy Metal Baby Deadbeet"! Designed by Scott Tolleson and sculpted by George Gaspar, this 1.5-inch tall cast in lead free pewter collectible is priced at only US$10 each! *OMGiWANTBOOTH*

Head onto octobertoys.com to see what else October Toys has in store for attendees at booth #4951 for San Diego Comic-Con 2015 (July 8-12) - including Skeleton Warriors, Skeleton Head Zipper Pulls, OMFG Series 1, Series 2, and Series 3, and "Mini Figure Surprise Boxes"!

Brandt Peters x Mutant Vinyl Hardcore's "Sackhead" for #SDCC2015

A (super) limited amount of this fully painted edition SACKHEAD (Brandt Peters x Mutant Vinyl Hardcore) will be made available at the coming weekend's San Diego Comic-Con 2015 (July 8-12) via the Cardboard Spaceship Toys booth #5638! No "price" revealed as yet, with sales happening "likely Friday through Sunday" (TBC).

Smorkin' Monger Jerome, Vanilla by Frank Kozik x Rotofugi for #SDCC2015

Presenting the "Smorkin' Monger Jerome, Vanilla" by Frank Kozik, produced by Squibbles Ink + Rotofugi and debuting at the Rotofugi Booth #5248 in San Diego Comic-Con 2015 (July 8-12). Limited to an edition of 500 in this flavor, this 4-inch tall vinyl will be available for US$17 (sales tax included) with online release to follow soon after.

"Meet Jerome, a classic Frank Kozik Smorkin' Monger design, reborn in deliciously soft vinyl. Jerome is articulated in one place, at the cone, and comes with a removable smork in case you prefer him to kick the habit (smoking is bad)." (@rotofugi)

Gary Ham for #SDCC2015 San Diego Comic-Con

Here's a schweet selection of collectibles to be had at Gary Ham's booth #5139 at the weekend's San Diego Comic-Con 2015 (July 8-12) appearance - starting with the above TREEBOY & KID! In an edition of 10pcs, with "some customizable options available" - no price has been revealed as yet - but he looks oh-so-awesome! Check out the initial ketch below!

Laser-cut Wood Hermees Wall Art is sized 12-inch wide (made of birch by @hyperbeamlaser) and will be priced at US$55 per. In a run of 30 pieces, 15pcs can be had at SDCC, while 15pcs will be made available online afters.

Micro run of 10 x "Find Your Ohana" Wooper Loopers featuring customization by Michael Reyna AKA @eckotyper. Available for US$95 per, "No two are the same and each has a beautiful pearl finish."

Bookmark this page for any further updates, or head direct to Gary's Instagram @garyham!


Argonaut Resins' #10x10 NYMPH in Red + Black Colorways Revealed!

Paintworks have begun for Argonaut Resins' 10 year anniversary 10x10 project with TOYSREVIL - showcasing the diminutive resin "Nymph" in RED AND BLACK! Yes, the 10 piece run will be split 50/50 with the colorways, and they look splendid indeed!!! ... if I'm not tooting thy own exclusives' horn, yeh? Stay tuned for further updates of these babies to be unleashed in July!

Seen below more images of the new micro-sized of Nymph, sized against Argonaut Resins' Mariposa and the "regular" 5inch tall Tuttz (of which I've previously released 2 series x TOYSREVIL-exclusive editions of too)!

Online Store
Instagram @argonautresins
Twitter @ArgonautResins

More Customs Previews for Mighty Jaxx’s Maitreya Custom Show @ Wrong Gallery Taipei launching July 4th

Above-left: Mutineer Jun (a candle-version of the figure!)
Above-right: Chen Wei-Ting
Below: YU7 ART

With the announcement of the release of the production "Maitreya" lucky fat cat collectible from Mighty Jaxx - here's a look at select customs done for the "Mighty Jaxx’s Maitreya Custom Show" - featuring works from both Singapore and Taiwan artists, and launching today July 4th @ Wrong Gallery Taipei, where tons of "luck" are gathered in one single spot, methinks! *AWESOME*

Stay tuned to further updates of the show itself and availability of the pieces on the Facebook Events page and Wrong Galleries FB - Happy Launch, folks!

Above-left: BanaNa ViruS
Above-right: FuFuFanny (WIPs here)
Below: a pair of masked kabuki cats from Zealot

Custom by SHON SIDE

A video posted by Erika Tay (@erikartoon) on

Featured here are works from our very own Erikartoon (video above) and Puffing Muffin - serving up a fruity plate dubbed "Double Fortune" ( 雙財 in Chinese).
"This Maitreya Cat encompasses the spirit of a Maneki Neko and a pineapple - both a representation of Luck and Fortune. A purrrfect piece for the keeper!"

Are you in a "Bad Mood" or feeling "Lucky"? DKE Toys Exclusives for #SDCC2015 from Broke1 x AWOL ONE & Mike Egan

Edition of 20 @ US$65
PRODUCT PRESS: "Yes! This is a hand cast figure. A collab with Broke1 aka Broken Pidgeon and AWOL One who also did the card back illustration. MOOD is DOOM backwards GET IT? 3.75 inches tall. Hand made resin in custom packaging."

LUCKY by Mike Egan
Edition of 20 @ US$100 each
PRODUCT PRESS: "This is a follow up to last year's series of Bones resin figures on hand painted backer cards. Last year DKE had a vintage Star Wars style card for the Bones figure so this year we have Lucky on a Power of the Force inspired card. Hand cast resin figure by Garret Ziegler from BlockHeads toys. Card back hand painted by Mike Egan. With specially sculpted wings by George Gaspar."

A Shop Called Quest "Space Riders" #SDCC2015 Exclusive designed by TheMarkUltra

We've teased the A Shop Called Quest's San Diego Comic-Con exclusive "Space Riders" designed by Mike Kirchoff AKA The Mark Ultra before, and now we have final images of the product to share, including availability details (mentioned in the IG pic below).

Made in collaboration for Alexis Ziritt's INTERSTELLAR OVERDRIVE solo art exhibition (Alex will be in Booth #4531 at SDCC too) - Stay tuned to updates on their IG @shopcalledquest / Twitter @shopcalledquest and ashopcalledquest.com!

(Cheers for the headsup, Angel)

GRIN Dunny by Ron English x Kidrobot Looks Spectacular!

If this image of the 8-inch tall GRIN Dunny from Ron English x Kidrobot does not excite you, I don't know what to do with you … With a SRP of US$74.99 for a September release, do check in with your fav retailer for availability. This piece is growing on me spectacularly (liked it ever since the first incarnation for Dunny Apocalypse Series circa 2013), and the sculpted relief for the teeth region only excites me more!

Wait, can no one confirm if the white and blue colorway is a "variant", or not?

Source: @ronenglisart

#SDCC2015 Exclusive Alien Marbled Massacre by Super7 x Secret-Base

"Our Alien figure with Secret-Base will be making a comeback this year! This time in a brand new edition! The Marbled Massacre features a a blue and red swirl vinyl with clear dome. They will be available exclusively at the Super7 Booth #4945 for $50 each." (Super7)

Mighty Jaxx's MAITREYA Drops July 5th

Releasing July 5th (New York @ 10AM / London @ 3PM /Singapore @10PM) is Mighty Jaxx's MAITREYA, designed by, well, "Mighty Jaxx"! Read about about the 5" tall figure's origins posted below, and head on over to mightyjaxx.com to purchase it for US$40 each!

"After nearly 3 years of working with artists on their designs, we are really itching to conceptualise our own characters, so it all comes down to this! Maitreya was created from our love for fat cats* and Asian culture**, Maitreya believes in spreading the unique message of love and peace to save the chaotic concrete jungle. Maitreya also loves occupying empty spaces and residing there for a long amount of time. That is fine since Maitreya is filled with lots of luck, wealth, friendship and all the sweet things. Hope you guys like it! Dropping this weekend." (mightyjaxx.rocks)
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