WIPs for "SPIDAHOPPER" by Topz Greenfull ToyDsign

Here's a peek at toy-awesomeness from Thailand-based indie art toy resin-slinger Topz Greenfull ToyDsign - with this being the work-in-progress prototype of his upcoming SPIDAHOPPER, with this 6 x armed Star Weird Stormtrooper bootleg figure to stand approx. 7 inches tall!

Made as a Tribute for Star Wars Day and the third year of TGUWarrior, look forward to a Classic (white+black) colorway to hit his online store at topztoy.storenvy.com/ for pre-orders beginning May 4th.

AND there will also be an exclusive Special Edition for TOYSREVIL's 10x10 (Celebrating Ten Years of Bloggery on TOYSREVIL), with only 10pcs of this beast in Red+Black! Pre-order details soon!

Richard Page for UME Toys @ #ToyConUK2015

WHAT: ToyCon UK (April 25) has come and gone, and we have a few snaps of the display booth at the event, in this instance we take a look at what Richard Page of UME Toys had in-store, along with a micro Q&A!

(FYI: Richard shared a booth space with Jn-Paul Kaiser)

TOYSREVIL: What was your impression of the event this year, compared to previous year(s)?
RICHARD PAGE: The event was a lot busier this year and had a great buzz to the venue. It feels like it has grown from being a new event to an established one in a nice way. Lots more international artists and visitors. I really had a great time chatting to old and new friends and discussing the ins and outs of resin toy making.

TOYSREVIL: Which character, in your selection of goodies offered, resonated most with attendees, you think?
RICHARD PAGE: It's hard to say one character all the new releases went really well but I think Newt Jnr went down the best.

I'd just like to say thank you to everyone for their support at the show and online (all the new releases are now up over at www.umetoys.bigcatel.com) and also to the team for putting on a great convention. Here's to 2016.


(Above: Mewt Jr alongside Bagel)

And you'd also need to make your way to his Instagram @richpage to have a peek at his adventures and WIPs for all his projects!

Jon-Paul Kaiser @ #ToyConUK2015

WHAT: ToyCon UK (April 25) has come and gone, and we have a few snaps of the display booth at the event, in this instance we take a look at what Jon-Paul Kaiser had in-store, along with a micro Q&A!

TOYSREVIL: What was your impression of the event this year, compared to previous year(s)?
JON-PAUL KAISER: This year there seemed to be a lot more anticipation than previously, I think perhaps people have seen what's been coming up and gotten excited about it. The event as a while had an amazing atmosphere. It was also busy all day long, it only started slowing down very close to the end.

TOYSREVIL: Which character, in your selection of goodies offered, resonated most with attendees, you think?
JON-PAUL KAISER: I think it was the Teletubbies x Joy Division set; people seemed to love them and loads of photographs were taken of them. Nobody wants to own them though as they are way too creepy!

(Photography and photoshop work by @jallfree)

Check out Jon-Paul's online shop @ jonpaulkaiser.bigcartel.com where he'll be listing some of the goodies unspoken for, and as well check out his Instagram @jonpaulkaiser for more images of his adventures at ToyConUK 2015! (Top pic via Kelly Kaiser)

CE Convention Exclusive Series for Bangkok Comic Con 2015

Today we have 'first peeks' at "CE x BKCC 2015 Convention Exclusive Series" for MAFIA Factory's "Road to BCC2015" - with a trio of designs revealed! Will update with further details when I have them :)


CE Toy & Augmented Reality via CEXAR mobile application

รับฟรี CEXAR Sticker!!!! เพียงโหลด CEXAR App ทั้งจาก Android และ IOS แล้วมาสนุกกับการถ่ายรูปจาก CEXAR ในงาน Bangkok Comic Con 30 เมษา - 3 พฤษภาคมนี้ ที่ BITECH Bangna

Posted by CE Planet on Friday, April 24, 2015

MAFIA Factory's "Road to BCC2015" continues with a look at "CEXAR" - with the official release for CE Toy & Augmented Reality via CEXAR mobile application - which you can download CEXAR and take photo of CE, tag #cexar to your own facebook or instagram - to get free CEXAR Sticker for your own 3D CE at home! *Currently on Android phones tho…

The Turtly Race on Kickstarter

QuailStudio sends word of a Kickstarter Toy project they had launched called The Turtly Race - whereby 4" tall vinyl toys are to be made in collaboration with
8 artists from around the world including:

Hollow Threat (Paul Shih) from New-Zealand
El Grand Chamaco from Mexico
TADO (Mike & Katie) from United Kingdom
Devilrobots from Japan
Kennyswork (Kenny Wong) from Hong Kong
Charuca from Spain
Monster Little (Ziqi Wu) from Singapore
QuailStudio from France

This to me is the "Wacky Races" of the art toy world, and looks utterly adorable as far as I am concerned! Check out the kickstarter page. A Pledge Goal of £15,000 needs to happen with the campaign ending May 28th, 2015. Meanwhile you can also check out more images HERE on FB :)

Stardust the Super Wizard from Eagle Eye Prime

PRESS: "Eagle Eye Prime is pleased to present the world’s first Stardust the Super Wizard toy. Crafted in Japanese soft vinyl, this 8” articulated figure has been meticulously sculpted in Fletcher Hanks’ bizarre, compelling style. Each figure includes an exclusive all new 4 page Stardust mini comic written and illustrated by Benjamin Marra."

The “red boot” colorway is currently available via the Eagle Eye Prime Big Cartel store for $45 plus shipping. There was also a BLANK Version (sans comic) for US$40 which has since been listed as "Sold Out".
WHO-IS: "Eagle Eye Prime is the independent toy company and creative outlet of avid collector and toy enthusiast Shane Wood. The EEP! focus is providing high-quality collectibles by independent creators for a fair price."

Jared Leto as "The Joker" in #SuicideSquad & "Joker" MV from Dalshabet

Director David Ayers tweets a "reveal" of actor Jared Leto as "The Joker" for his "Suicide Squad" live-action feature film (on DC Comics' Joker birthday too), and we see the arch nemesis of The Batman with a body of tattoos (full image HERE on Popcorn-X) and mimicking Brian Bolland's illustration to "The Killing Joke" graphic novel.

I am intrigued with Joker's tatts (tho not wholly convincing) with the dragon seen in "Batman and Robin" = not exactly working for me LOL

Quite the win, as far as I am concerned … am always game for differing incarnations of characters in different genres/films/projects - makes the fictional life we dwell in more varied and interesting, IMHO. And as much as I enjoyed the late-Heath Ledger's incarnation in Chris Nola's film - tis time to have another image of the by-now-iconic character, IMHO.

For "nostalgia"-buffs, here's a look at a music video for their song "Joker" from K-Pop girl-band 달샤벳 #Dalshabet with a gender-bender Joker:

#DrawAJawa2015: Artwork Teasers from #chaingunart & #HappyToast

Draw A Jawa: Call For Submissions for the 2015 Edition is well under way (full details here) and we tease two splendid pieces here from David Withers AKA chaingun@ (above) and Chris of HappyToast (below). They will be revealed in full in the digital zine edition slated to launch online May 4th for Star Wars Day. Looking forward to your entries, folks!

Luke Chueh's BITCH with Munky King Drops April 26

Dropping Sunday April 26th (no exact time revealed) on www.munkyking.com is Luke Chueh's original-colorway BITCH. SRP is US$69 per, limited run of 500pcs.

There will also be an exclusive signed toy + print combo available for US$80 (signed archival giclee print sized 8x10").

Dead as F#ck Bears all Leecifered up for C2E2

Lee Gajda AKA Leecifer sends over images of his customized line-up for "Dead as F#ck Champ" resin bears (original form designed by JC Rivera and made by TaskOner of "WeAreNotToys"), now on display at GalerieF's booth #554 for C2E2 in Chicago.

Perfect for the upcoming launch of Avengers: Age of Ultron in the U.S. too!

"Warmly Regarded" from All Eyes And Ears for #ToyConUK

All Eyes And Ears announces the "Warmly Regarded" series of bootleggery toyness, in the form of "A real genuine fake, all original parts." featuring brand icons from ©Kaws ©Disney ©Britains ©Medicom, and available from the @toy_shack_e17 booth at ToyCon UK on Saturday 25th April 2015 - in an edition of only 10pcs. No price mentioned.


1/6 Scale Collectibles @ Thailand Toy Expo 2015

Thailand Toy Expo - is to me personally, more than just about "art toys" - but possesses a specific 1/6th-scaled focus, which to me, is something I had always wished for ever since starting this journey down "toys", with collecting 1/6 over a decade back!

And while I receive zero info about the show from either the organizers nor exhibitors, the 1/6th-hobbyist in me disregards this unfortuitous state of affairs and instead enjoy seeing the ads on TTE Facebook page LOL … Here are some exciting stuff that has grabbed at my attention;

Glitch Network from Indonesia will be offering 1/6 ZEUS (Zenios) from their God Complex line, with only 30pcs available at the event, priced at 7500 baht per, on sale May 1, 2015 at 11:00AM. And what has gotten my undivided attention, are 1/6th-scaled figures from Machine56? OMGOMGOMG … and will we be able to see the God Complex comicbook? (I can't afford any toys now, but hope someone can hook me up if it is released?)

As mentioned in my earlier feature for ATC, Devil Toys' B.O.D- MAXX C DARKNESS OF KOWLOON) will be available at the event with only 30pcs to be had - priced at 4500 baht per - with sales starting April 30. 2015. Above is an updated image with the WHITE earphone accessory, made for this particular edition.

J.T. Studio sees "Monkey King" with their recently released "Sha-Monk" and the third member of the team (whose name I do not have, but recognize the character) to their Journey To The West series which melds modern urban fashion sensibilities with traditional myth-lore.

I've had the chance to check out the Monkey King 1/6-figure in hand not too long ago (alas it did not belong to me :p), and am intrigued by this "monochrome" INK version - limited to only 5pcs - with "surprise drop sale" happening May 1st and May 3rd. Keep a look out for a Charity Auction on April 30th and also a chance to win this figure?

Seen above is a reveal of an edition from Black13Park. I haven't been able to feature his earlier figures on my blog simply because the information is not exactly forthcoming, but nevertheless looks exceptionally awesome! I would love to see his Black Laborary mix it up with God Complex's Inari hahaha

Now THIS is an interesting concept of mecha androids, and right up my alley! Expect to see a sweet display from Studio Sunowner at CentralWorld Bangkok Thailand at the event, with the enhanced "The Mechanical Arm" a dream of mine a long time ago and perfect to see it manifest! The "TMA-SHADOW Version" is the exclusive figure release for the event, with pre-orders available at TTE.

1000 toys offers up an exclusive "1/6 Anti CaRB Squad OUMA" with a price of 6000THB ((Tax&shipping-included) pre-order at The event with a scheduled delivery between July to August 2015. This ONE DAY ONLY is on April 30th, beginning from 1PM at 3rd floor, Eden zone, at the 1000toys exclusive selling booth. Folks who pre-order the item on-site will receive a "special gift card" sinned by project director: Yuta Tobari.

Also shown here are the 1/6 Anti CaRB Squad (consisting of RYOKUMA, SEKIMU, SEIJI and OUMA) on display at the recently concluded Art Toy Culture 2015 (April 17-19).

ThreeA Toys has been quite a supporter of this annual event since it's inception, with full-on display and reveals - from both 3A AND Threezero - along with exclusive editions, which sees queues from fans forming the night before? (I've heard war stories hahaha). Sales begin 11:00AM on April 30 , 2015, with the queue designated to be "in front of Central World Department Groove zone".

I am sure I am missing more here, but there's only so much before my own head explodes from wanting so much toyness! LOL

The "World Class Toy Expo" happens between April 30th to May 3rd, 2015 at Central World, Bangkok Thailand.

#ToyConUK 2015: Peter Kato, JPK, PJ Constable & Jeremiah Ketner

With the one-day only annual ToyCon UK launches this Saturday April 25th, and here a quick snapshot of what else to expect from artists and exhibitors not as yet featured on TOYSREVIL (I do not have any further info besides the ones snatched from the www and posted here):

Above: Bedtime Bunnies & Sleeptime Bunnies by Peter Kato exclusively for Artransmitte (Booth 10).

Below: Beside the launch of his King of Mischief Sylvan at HangGang, Jon-Paul Kaiser will also be offering up custom hand-paints at his booth alongside UME Toys featured earlier today.

Above: Customs from PJ Constable to be found at booth 35 (more images here on FB) whom he is sharing with Muffinman. Seen are the slug-like resin piece which was created and casted by PJ himself!

Below: Customs from Jeremiah Ketner at booth 26, which sees "Happy Pups" and Unicornos alongside custom Blackys - which will come with 1 matching original painting by Martin Hsu. Head on to jeremiahketner.com for a preview and stay tuned to his instagram @smallandround for any updates.

Doubleparlour Releases for April 24

Releasing Friday, April 24th at 12PM Pacific on doubleparlour.myshopify.com is the 3rd edition of WEISHAUPT from Scott Tolleson x Doublepalour. In an edition of 5pcs, no price revealed at this time of post.

Also releasing are hand-sculpted and painted goodness including Brice, Sylvies, Kiddos, Giggles, Catrinettes, and as well this spiffy looking colorway of Doublepalour's MERRYNERS - hand-painted by Doubleparlour too. Produced in sofubi by Toy Art Gallery - Fen, Uwie, Chap, and Kip are limited to 2 each (Price unrevealed at time of post). And one day I would be able to afford all four of them .. :)

(Classic) Pop! Star Wars from Funko

FUNKO PRESS: "A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... Welcome to Planet Tatooine! We have a new series of classic Pop! Star Wars characters to hold you over while you wait for December! Also now available...UNMASKED VADER! Available in July! "
[ Full product images HERE on #PopcornX ]

Ron English's EVIL MC sofubi by BlackBook Toy

[ More images HERE on FB ]

BlackBook Toy announces the launch of new sofubi with Ron English, called EVIL MC (previously teased). First on sale at Super Festival Vol.68 on April 26th are "Pure Evil" (White) and "Hella Evil" (Black). Online sales follows on 27th midnight (Tokyo), 26th 8am (LA), 11am (NY), 3pm (UK). SRP is 16200yen each.

[ More images HERE on FB ]
"Eviler MC Supersized as seen in some of his paintings like "Cerebral Celebration" which is on his latest book, Status Factory. We made this EVIL MC in massive size, from head to toe, 34cm (13.5"), from burger to toe, 40cm (15.7"). With rifle on, it's 49x47cm(19.3"), so huge! Of course, these are MADE IN JAPAN sofubi. Crazy size.

Each rifle with a spoon and fork on is hand casted by EVIL MC sculptor, Chop of Monster Farm. Package is based off the paper bag you get when purchasing burgers there."

[ More images HERE on FB ]
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