A Large Evil Corporation X Funko = Awesome Toyness!

"We’re very excited to let you all know that we are now working with the brilliant toy company Funko, in order to bring the vinyl designs to life! We hope to have more official news soon…stay tuned!" - Announced A Large Evil Corporation (Circa Nov 21).
My personal excitement level has hit the roof! And a right perfect-fit too, with Funko's wide array of licensed properties! Besides their Three Flavours Cornetto Series and Star Wars characters, here are some more creations from the UK-based animation agency!

Police Spinner Pull-Back Car from "Blade Runner" by Medicom Toy

As one of my all-time favorite sci-fi films, there really isn't much by way of "toy collectibles" for Ridley Scott's classic "Blade Runner" movie. There've been the bootlegged 1/6th-scale "Deckard" (I have two versions), Tomenosuke's Handgun / Blasters (Want All, Have None :p), and one of my "grails": A Police Spinner vehicle, that came along with a DVD-set …. Medicom Toy now adds ONE MORE collectible to that list: Presnting the POLICE SPINNER PULL-BACK CAR!

Manufactured by Medicom Toy, featuring a sculpt by Yoshihisa, this incarnation of the POLICE SPINNER features a more "super-deformed" aesthetic, and possess a "pull-back" function where the model vehicle has "independent motion"!

Sized 70mm long, and limited to 3,000pcs, the POLICE SPINNER PULL-BACK CAR is part of the BLADE RUNNER (THE FINAL CUT / WORKPRINT) Blu-ray Edition, with a December 17th, 2014 release. Distribution price is ¥5,980 (tax).

Boba Fett + Scout Trooper - Star Wars x A Bathing Ape VCDs from Medicom Toy

Medicom Toy offers up the latest STAR WARS X A BATHING APE VCDs (Vinyl Collectible Dolls) - featuring BOBA FETT (in two versions!) and a SCOUT TROOPER!

Both VCD BOBA FETT(TM) ESB Ver. and VCD BOBA FETT(TM) ROJ Ver. ("Empire Strikes Back" and "Return Of the Jedi", if you were wondering ;p) have a SRP of ¥9,500 each, as is the 164mm tall VCD SCOUT TROOPER.

FYI: The earlier release saw MILO Ape VCD Darth Vader + VCD Stormtrooper, while the above characters were first spotted on display at Medicom Toy Exhibition'14 launched June 21st at Parco Museum.

LURKFOOT “Freezy ya butt off blue” Edition from Medicom Toy

Toy Art Gallery pulls "double duty" with Medicom Toy releases, first with Doubleparlour's Merryners ("Fall" Edition), and this month's listing shows Russ Morland AKA LURK's LURKFOOT "Freezy ya butt off blue" Edition up for grabs in Japan with a SRP of ¥10,450, shipping in March 2015!

"Overseas" pre-orders are available via Project1/6 Rakuten Ichiba Store and/or C.J.MART for US$95.71 (¥ 11,286) per. Pre-order ends 31/12/2014 23:59:00 JST.

Merryners "Fall" Edition by Doubleparlour x Medicom Toy

Aaaahhh, so THIS was what the previously featured colorway samples were for … ! :)

Produced by Toy Art Gallery, Doubleparlour's "Fall" Edition Merryners listed as a Medicom Toy release, with a SRP of ¥8,250 per, and ¥28,600 for a set of 4 characters - available in Japan!

For folks 'overseas', KIPP / FENN / CHAP / UWIE are available to order via Project1/6 Rakuten Ichiba Store or C.J.MART. Priced for a set of 4 is US$261.93 (¥30,888), with a late March 2015 ship out. Pre-order ends 31/12/2014 23:59:00 JST.

Kitsura + Uninco Unicorn from Monster Boogie x Medicom Toy

Medicom Toy's "Nature" Edition KITSURA - featuring Candie Bolton's design, sculpted by Pikopiko and produced by Monster Boogie / Max Toy Co, priced at ¥2,037 for a December 7th, 2014 release.

Also listed is yet another Pikopiko-sculpt, with a trio of colorways for UNINCO UNICORN, with a SRP of ¥5,000 for these 100mm tall cuties! (Imagine you have these three and the other two from Design Festa! *Unicorn Rainbow Explosion*). Do check in with your fav retailers for availability!

Funko To Do Garbage Pail Kids

FUNKO PRESS: "We are excited to team up with Garbage Pail Kids to produce a line of GPK toys, figures and vinyl collectibles to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the Garbage Pail Kids in 2015!"

Aaron Woes Martin X Dragon Boy DCon Exclusive!

Available now via www.martinhsu.com is the online release of "Camo" Dragon Boy, exclusive custom by Aaron Woes Martin for DCon 2014, hand-painted on Martin Hsu's vinyl collectible toy! Check out the snaps here, and start planning who you'd want to gift this piece to! (*raises hands* ;p)

"Creatures of Light" at Vinyl On Vinyl (Nov 27)

EVENT PRESS: "Make your way down to Vinyl On Vinyl on November 27, 2014, Thursday, at 8pm for 'CREATURES of LIGHT', a Funko Hikari event! There will be art, music, good company, and lots of toys. Now, what's an exhibition by a toy company without some limited edition goodies up for grabs? Start making a special spot on your shelf for the star of the show, Funko's Legendary Creatures & Myths, HIKARI KAPPA. Though be on your toes. It's first come, first served."

Vinyl On Vinyl Gallery
@ 2135 Chino Roces Avenue
Makati City, The Philippines.

"The Social Life of Plants" by Mariangela Tan @ myplasticheartnyc (Opens Dec 5)

EVENT PRESS: "myplasticheart presents new works by Brooklyn based artist Mariangela Tan featuring her latest fiber sculptures and illustrations. "The Social Life of Plants" explores the evolution of typical houseplants and how they adapt in an urban landscape. Maybe post apocalyptic, maybe alternate reality, Mariangela sees a future of self aware carnivorous plants, living and loving much like you and me. She invites you to take a glimpse into their world.

Please join us for the opening reception on December 5th from 6-9PM at myplasticheart in the Lower East Side. Mariangela Tan will be in attendance to discuss her work. Please note : Many of the pieces will be available on a cash and carry basis and would make perfect Christmas gifts!"

The Social Life of Plants
Opening Reception Friday, December 5th, 2014 6 – 9pm
Exhibition runs through December 21st, 2014
myplasticheart toy store & gallery
210 Forsyth St.
New York NY 10002

(Above WIPs via plushPLAY)

SILENT WAR On Crowdtivate

STORY: "Silent War is a cyberpunk spy manga series set in the year 2030 in an alternate earth, where most national armed forces have been privatized and private military contractors (enforcement agencies) maintain the peace in the wake of a failed global disarmament, accelerating technological and cultural disruption through onset of cybernetics, direct brain-computer-interfacing and corporatocracy. The story follows the journey of Armour security, a PMC led by Sarius Saad, a jaded mercenary who is entangled in the maelstrom of a momentous event that shakes the core of even international superpowers and could spell the beginnings of an apocalypse."

Launched right after their appearance at ITGCC over the weekend, is Writer Mark Koh x Artist Shawn Siow's SILENT WAR on www.crowdtivate.com, with a target of SGD$10K to print, distribute and promote the debut BOOK ZERO of the series. And for a sponsorship of SGD$1,00 (and above), you'd also get to "Cameo" as an 'extra' in comic, with one condition: Character must die. How awesome is that? LOL Get busy, people!

Ron English's Popaganda @ PIQ NYC (Nov 28)

PIQ will be holding Ron English's Popaganda on Black Friday, whereby the artist will also be in attendance with an Signing scheduled from 2-4 PM on November 28th at PIQ NYC, 8 Grand Central Terminal Shuttle Passage!
"Dinogrenade stands 4 inches tall and 8 inches long. Ron will release 100 hand-painted dinogrenades at the remarkably low price of $100 for Black Friday at PIQ. Each is a unique airbrushed original at one stop in the spectrum of the rainbow."
(Cheers for the headsup, Zac!)

Badballz "Fuzzball" - Gray Resin Prototype Preorder from The Plastic Geek

From Jason "The Plastic Geek" at Plastic Geek Toys comes news of the BADBALLZ "FUZZBALL" in limited edition unpainted, solid gray resin prototype, with only 10pcs produced in this style. Currently available for pre-orders via plasticgeek.storenvy.com, each piece is priced at US$65 plus shipping, for a January/February 2015 ship.
PRODUCT: "Stylized creature ball Inspired by the 80's horror flick. A hefty 3.5" diameter solid resin cast ball. Hand sculpted & cast. Stands on it's own. Fits in great with other 3" scale Madballs. Comes packaged in a box with header card."

A video posted by Jason (@theplasticgeek) on

Bwana Spoons & Steve Ferrera now at DRG

Available now at Daniel Rolnik Gallery [DRG] are a limited stock of screenprints by Bwana Spoons and hand-painted toys by Steve Ferrera. Shown above are two images of 8 designs total from Bwana (only 2-4 of each edition available, from initial runs of 66), and featured below are a trio of pieces from Steve Ferrera - with limited stocks available for Serpent (1) / Bomb (2) / Lamb (1).

"I just opened the gallery and am starting to bring in artists from the toy world to show, which is really exciting, especially since my focus is to show their works on paper and canvass rather than their 3D work. Though we will start to bring in some toys for the 2015 calendar year.

ADDRESS: 1431 Ocean Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90401
HOURS: We are open everyday from 11:30am - 7pm

Please let me know if you can come by the gallery so I can be sure to meet you there! It's super sweet! We face the ocean on ocean blvd just one block away from the heart of the 3rd street promenade! "
-shared Daniel Rolnik.

CYCO BOB by Naomi Knaff

From Canada-based artist Naomi Knaff comes "CYCO BOB" - with these one-off resin bobble heads sized 6" high by 3" wide - with each hand cast and unique piece priced at US$90, with only 50 cast in total. Available for purchase now via www.naomiknaff.com! You might have spotted these splendid pieces at DesignerCon 2014 (more pics on FB) recently :)

Bulletpunk: Baby TEQ63 by QUICCS

WHAT-IS: "Baby TEQ63 is a custom concept by Quiccs featuring his character TEQ63 hand-sculpted on the 3” Dunny base, casted in plastic resin and hand-painted in a limited edition of 30. The opening release features 2 colour variants, “Fortress Black” and “Worldslayer White”. You can grab your copy for 20 USD each piece or get the “Yin&Yang Combo Pack” for only 30 USD plus international shipping. Preorder yours today via www.hiddenfortressmanila.com! International Shipping will commence starting Mid December 2014 to Mid January 2015. See you on the other side!"

Product Details:
• Material: Plastic Resin + Acrylic Paints
• Height: 3” Inches
• Base: 3” KR Dunny

• Fortress Black - 20 USD
• Worldslayer White - 20 USD
• Yin&Yang Combo Pack - 30 USD

"Stay Puft" by Clogtwo Limited Edition Prints from Mighty Jaxx

Remember that "Stay Puft" Ghostbusters-themed illustration by by Clogtwo I gagged about not too long ago? The image has since been finished and WILL indeed be released as a limited edition print Mighty Jaxx, launching this Saturday circa Nov 29th! All prints are signed, numbered and stamped for authenticity. Further product and availability details to be updated, so bookmark this page!


1/6 HALO Master Chief Spartan Mark VI from 3A Toys

Currently available to pre-order via Bambalandstore.com (launched Nov 20th) is 3A Toys' 1/6th-scaled HALO MASTER CHIEF BAMBALAND EXCLUSIVE WEAPON VERSION. Priced at US$240 per (inclusive 'free' worldwide shipping) for a ship-out in second quarter of 2015, here are more pics with further product details:

- Figure Stands 13.5-Inches (34.3cm) Tall
- Over 35 Points of Articulation Featuring Fully Articulated Fingers
- All Rifles Magnetically Attach to Shoulder Armor
- Illuminated Helmet Featuring 4 LED Lights
- Highly-Detailed Sculpt and Paint Application

- Z-250 LightRifle with light-up feature [Bambaland Exclusive Weapon]
- ARC-920 Railgun
- MA5D Assault Rifle
- M11 Combat Knife

BATTERY REQUIREMENTS [Batteries Not Included]
- AG1 x 3 Button Cell Batteries
- CR2032H x 1 Battery for Z-250 LightRifle

Teaser for RWBY RUBY ROSE 1/6th from Threezero

Hong Kong's Threezero releases the first teaser of RWBY Ruby Rose 1/6th scale collectible figure. Samples of the entire team of 4 main characters made their debut at New York Comic Con 2014 in October, with the first figure pending release being RUBY. Click on the links to find more about Rooster Teeth and RWBY

WHO: "Ruby Rose is the main protagonist, leader of Team RWBY, and the first character introduced in RWBY. Ruby's weapon of choice is a High-Caliber Sniper-Scythe (HCSS) known as Crescent Rose.

RWBY is an American animated web series created by Monty Oum for Rooster Teeth Productions. The show is set in the fictional world of Remnant, which is filled with supernatural forces. The series focuses on Team RWBY, which consists of Ruby Rose (Lindsay Jones), Weiss Schnee (Kara Eberle), Blake Belladonna (Arryn Zech) and Yang Xiao Long (Barbara Dunkelman)."

(NYCC Pics via Threezero)
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