#SOTOYS Artist Profile: Riandi Sumadinata

ART TOY NAME: Edmoon Holeworld
SIZE: 8 inch and 3.5 inch
COLORWAYS: Grey and black paint brush
On Display at SOTOYS @ Lou Belle Shop (Feb 28-Mar 7)
TOY STORY: "…"I'm bored to work, i want a holiday" … That's what i think when i saw the moon. It's just a boring life if we just do (the) same things for a millennium. Wake up, Work and Sleep, like most people, eho do it daily in their whole life..

'Don't they feel bored?' … Edmoon Holeworld was created because of that question, a question for people in the whole world..."

ARTIST NAME: Riandi Sumadinata (IG @sumadinata)

ARTIST BIO: "Born in Bandung, 10th January 1992. A boy who happy to dream and make it real, that's the word who describe me the most." (EMAIL : rsumadinata@gmail.com)

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#SOTOYS Artist Profile: Bilal

ART TOY NAME: Elmot & Elmit
SIZE : 5.5 inch
COLORWAYS : Black&White, resin.
On Display at SOTOYS @ Lou Belle Shop (Feb 28-Mar 7)
TOY STORY: "This toy is about myself and my life itself. The character that make the toy is mostly based on myself, a simple, black-white coloured, big mouth, a long ears, and without an eye was made as a reflection of myself to motivate myself based on it’s traits.

Elmit and Elmot are created as a twin, to resemble life and humanity as being human. Two pieces with different looks but came from a similar shapes as of one. Just like twins they are different but will always be attached to each other, alike and yet different, with differences towards each other as they are arguing."

A photo posted by billprocess (@bilalboyd) on

TOY BIO: "There are some part of the toy that I focused on; colors, head shape, eyeless, mouth, sharp teeth, bunny ears, small and hard body, tail, twin, and name.

Colors: Black and white colors resembles the differences yet connection of the toys as in two sides of a coin. And not forgetting that they are my favorite colors.

Head: Big rounded head shape (with articulation) are made as a resemblance to the fact that we must always have a good point of view in life to get the best out of it and keep using our head to embrace it. It was made rotatable so we can play it more casually.

Eyeless: An eyeless character was made so that we can control what we see, to prevent many bad desires that human often being tempted with. Desires of greed, lust, stature and etc.

Mouth: It resembles my personality as a quiet and outspoken person, bad social ability, and a shy intimidated person. So I pointed it out so I can see the bad side of myself and try to change for the better, without hiding or over thinking any fact about it.

Teeth: A sharp teeth are made to point that a sharp word might hurt other or hurt a relationship, it’s another reminder for us to be careful with our own word as it always affect life around us.

Ears: A rabbit have a sensitive sense of hearing. And music to hear is one of the most important thing in my life, it’s my drive, it’s what keeps me going. As music and hearing affects and help me control my emotion towards the up and down of life we all face.

Body: A small but sturdy body will keep us stand firm towards the heavy burden that life gives us.

Tail: A swerving tail with a pointy end resembling life will always have many curves but will always end in one final place. The pointy end resemble the destination of life no matter how curled or wavy it is.

Twin: I always have two point of view, whether it’s right or wrong, good or bad, black or white, and etc. We always have choice which side we’ll go with it’s own consequences that we can learn through life.

Name: ELMOT ELMIT is one of my nickname, and probably a bad one, as some of my friend are calling me LEMOT and LEMIT, so I put an anagram to it and make these name, ELMOT ELMIT."

ARTIST NAME: Bilal Maulana a.k.a Bilal (IG @bilalboyd)

ARTIST BIO: "I really love art, and at the moment I am making some piece of art such as sculpting , painting, decorating ,and any other visual art types." (Email: Bilalboyd@gmail.com)

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#SOTOYS Artist Profile: Muhammad Al-Jufri (Mamet_Doang)

SIZE: 4 inches tall
COLORWAYS: Wet On Wet watercolour
On Display at SOTOYS @ Lou Belle Shop (Feb 28-Mar 7)
TOY STORY: ""The character was inspired by emptiness... no idea... just do..."

ARTIST NAME: Muhammad Al-Jufri a.k.a Mamet_Doang (IG @mamet_doang)

ARTIST BIO: "I am searching for something new…" (EMAIL : muhammad.aljufri4@gmail.com)

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#SOTOYS Artist Profile: Singgih Tri Angggara

SIZE: 4 inch
COLORWAYS: Brown acrylic paint
On Display at SOTOYS @ Lou Belle Shop (Feb 28-Mar 7)
TOY STORY: "sima = summon, many years ago it was trusted to help sudan people, and now that's just a myth."

ARTIST NAME: Singgih Tri Angggara (IG @singgihtrianggara)

ARTIST BIO: "I am a product designer and craftsman." (EMAIL: singgihsta@gmail.com)

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#SOTOYS Artist Profile: Norman P. Sidik (Dikdik)

SIZE: 8 inch
COLORWAYS: black paint in burned glue
TOY STORY: "all about Nadia…hahaha"
On Display at SOTOYS @ Lou Belle Shop (Feb 28-Mar 7)

ARTIST NAME: Norman P. Sidik a.k.a Dikdik (IG @rockwellnorman)

ARTIST BIO: "I am a designer product and craftsman"
(EMAIL: normanmamayukero@gmail.com)

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#SOTOYS Artist Profile: joey as ops

ART TOY NAME: "HEX-A-PUSS take a walk BLK and he said
"if only i could have a puppy, i'd call myself so very lucky"
SIZE: 8 inches tall
COLORWAYS: Twice. At first, base coloring
and then dotting coloring. Done!
On Display at SOTOYS @ Lou Belle Shop (Feb 28-Mar 7)
TOY STORY: "This character was created from the animals mutation and contaminated by the pollution. They try to remind all of the human in order to be aware of the dangers of the pollution."

ARTIST NAME: joey as ops. (onikspopssial.tumblr.com / IG @onikspopssial)

ARTIST BIO: "My name is joey. I am 25. And I like to pollute the environment. I took part in a making of the time-bomb pollution" (EMAIL: joeypaksidirgantara@gmail.com)

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#SOTOYS Artist Profile: Lukman A.M

COLORWAYS: Black, red and white.
On Display at SOTOYS @ Lou Belle Shop (Feb 28-Mar 7)
TOY STORY: "The character was inspired from my first scooter, a Vespa piagio '60. Because vespa were made in Italy, and Italy reminds me of MAFIA … so i tried to combine the scooter basic form and mafia outfit as the basic idea for my toys."

ARTIST NAME: Lukman A.M a.k.a Buddy (IG @buddy_buddies)

ARTIST BIO: "I am like toys. I am happy make a toys. Because toys not just a toys its life i choose" (EMAIL: lukmanakabuddy@gmail.com)

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#SOTOYS Artist Profile: Addy Debil / WHOP

A photo posted by Addy Debil (@addydebil) on

SIZE: 7 inches tall
COLORWAYS: Just one (Black)
On Display at SOTOYS @ Lou Belle Shop (Feb 28-Mar 7)
TOY STORY: "Hank walk in the moon, he's black like a shadow"

ARTIST NAME: WHOP. a.k.a Addy Debil (addydebil.tumblr.com / IG @addydebil)

ARTIST BIO: "Street artist from Bandung, Indonesia. Wheatpaste / Mural / Doodle"
EMAIL: debil.addy@gmail.com

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#SOTOYS Artist Profile: Pradipta "Korma" Renadhie

ART TOY NAME: gohgoren

SIZE:  12 inches

COLORWAYS: acrilyc on resin
On Display at SOTOYS @ Lou Belle Shop (Feb 28-Mar 7)

ARTIST NAME: Pradipta "Korma" Renadhie (IG @coltwild)

ARTIST BIO: "I am a freelancer artist and amateur sculptor."

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#SOTOYS Artist Profile: Tresna Indianasari

ART TOY NAME: savour and tapir
SIZE: 6"
COLORWAYS: acrylic primary color
On Display at SOTOYS @ Lou Belle Shop (Feb 28-Mar 7)
TOY STORY: "The character was created from a square shape, which is my interpretation because I study "Architecture". In architecture, the first shape you must learn is a "square". And this is my first artwork."

ARTIST NAME: Tresna Indianasari
ARTIST BIO: "I am a student at Indonesian University of Education in Architecture Department."

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#SOTOYS Artist Profile: Igi / souka

ART TOY NAME: Cosmic Bunny Order
SIZE: about 15x5x10cm
COLORWAYS: no coloring for the twin bunny (side)
and white acrylic + layer-ed with newspaper for
“yzal“ (middle)
On Display at SOTOYS @ Lou Belle Shop (Feb 28-Mar 7)
TOY STORY: "…the toys i made for this exhibition was not the character that i usually explore / drew, the “bunny “ characters are created because i want to explore more about the concept and i wanted to made a simple urban toy.

For the "cosmic bunny", i used resin for the toy, and gypsum for the molding process, (which) makes the texture not as smooth (compared to if i used silicon rubber for mold), and that is because i want to make cosmic bunny look "blurry" (if compared to a picture), not HD (sharp). And no coloring was used, just the original resin color.

“yzal” is made from air dry clay, colored with white paint, layer-ed with torn newspaper and i used clear paint for finishing.

The story about zany: the earthling who is asked to bring “pink poop” (that he carried on his back ) by the twin cosmic bunny."

ARTIST NAME: Igi / souka (IG @igigit)

ARTIST BIO: Currently studying fine arts (painting) , have an interest in character design , pretty much lack of experience of everything and now standing at star line to became an artist.
Email: igianjangbiani@gmail.com

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Gary Baseman's "Sirena de Deseo" Tequila Bottle Design for 1800

Here's a look at Gary Baseman's Tequila bottle design for 1800. Made of Pewter and Glass, this sculpture is in an edition of 100, and is the most recent edition of 1800's "Colleción" range.
"Gary Baseman entitled this special edition decanter "Sirena de Deseo", which means "Mermaid of Desire". The decanter depicts the story of true love and the fight to achieve it, centering on a beautiful mermaid and her heroic luchador soulmate." (1800 Tequila)

TEQMON To Debut at #Skullbrainer @ Clutter Gallery (March 14)

TEQMON by Quiccs (IG @quiccs) will debut at the "Skullbrainer" group show @ Clutter Gallery, launching March 14th (think "It Came from Skullbrain III", but no, it would not be called that :p) and here are peeks at the colored pirate kaiju, including a "vintage" packaging art collab with Dustin Chua (IG @bitsbanderas). Stay tuned for further reveals and product details, folks!

Dubious Beasts - Life Cycles @ Stranger Factory (March 6 - April 4)- featuring the magical creature creations of Shing Yin Khor & Leslie Levings

(Below: Setting up at Stranger Factory)

A photo posted by Leslie Levings (@beastlies) on

PRESS RELEASE: "Stranger Factory is excited to welcome "Dubious Beasts: Life Cycles," featuring new works from Shing Yin Khor and Leslie Levings.

Life Cycles is the third installment of their collaborative series, in which Levings and Khor explore the stages of development of their curiously adorable creatures through their much-celebrated pseudo-scientific methods.

Paired with an obsession for natural history museums, trophy heads, and cabinets of curiosities, Levings and Khor bring to Stranger Factory a delightful menagerie of colourful, beady eyed critters – in the form of plentiful original sculptures and watercolour paintings. Be on the lookout for embryonic sightings, wee egg clusters, and cocooned creatures awaiting their final metamorphosis!

The exhibit runs March 6th through April 4th, with an opening reception on Friday, March 6th from 6 – 9 PM. Both artists will be in attendance."

Featured here a montage of pieces from both Shing Yin Khor (IG @sawdustbear / montage-above) and Leslie Levings (IG @beastlies / montage-below), for which full previews can be viewed here on www.strangerfactory.com. The words "Magical" and "Wonderous" pop immediately to mind … Do note that is also the first show at Stranger Factory’s new location @ 3411 Central Avenue NE, Albuquerque, NM 87106.

Tasha Zimich for Twisted Mouse Show @ PIQ

Tasha Zimich shares with us a couple of pieces she'd done up for the "Twisted Mouse Show", launching March 14th @ PIQ.

"I've painted a 3" Dunny version of Mickey as a creepy animatronic, titled "Five Nights At The House Of Mouse". This version draws inspiration from a similarly titled video game, Five Nights at Freddy's, featuring homicidal robots. I liked the idea of a friendly face taking a mis-step and coming out freaky instead.

Also for the show is a little 4x6" oil on wood panel, "Hide and Squeak". Instead of being 'a real boy', Mickey gets to be a real mouse."
-shared Tasha.
"This was a fun show to make work for, since Mickey has been a figure present in my life longer than almost anyone else I know. Mickey's character is very carefully tailored for his public image, so interpreting him differently has been a fun exercise." -added Tasha Zimich.

First Peek "5Star Cubs Plush" from Rotobox x KusoVinyl

From vinyl toy to plush = Rotobox Vinyl Anatomica's Voltron-inspired "5Star Cubs" goes from Minicel to 9-inch tall plush, thanks to KusoVinyl! Check out this first peek at the cuties fresh out of box! Further product details will be updated once I have them :)

Reveal of Astrolapin In Seoul by Mr Clement for Everyday Mooonday's 1st year anniversary

Celebrating Everyday Mooonday's 1st year anniversary (on March 7th) is the release of Mr Clements' ASTROLAPIN IN SEOUL. And while I've previously featured teasers, today we see the full frontal as well as product details!

In a limited edition of 100pcs, each piece includes numbered poster and a everyday mooonday map. Priced at US$220, folks interested are to email your orders direct to "everydaymooonday@gmail.com" ("we ship to anywhere in the world").

Custom-Feature: "It Can't Rain All The Time" custom Mickiv by Dave Webb

"It Can't Rain All The Time" custom Mickiv by Dave Webb, featuring the base platform figure by Arkiv Vilmnsa (of which there's a ton of customs of seen recently, perhaps for a group show somewhere spomewhen?) … Check out much more images - including delish work-in-progess snaps on his IG @davemarkart or Facebook (all pics here via).

Rainbow Bleed FTW!

Hampstead Latex With French TwoWay Pack by 3A Toys

3A PRESS: "The World Of Isobelle Pascha – Hampstead Latex With French TwoWay Pack available for pre-order now at www.bambalandstore.com for US$240 with Free International shipping included in the price."

I think we're way past that "label" by now, with a virtual catalog of S&M-themed toy releases the the years from 3A Toys, and definitely not your "dollies for kiddies", yeh? I'd imagine they' make a killing with a "50 Shades of Grey"-inspired release tho LOL

This is a Pre-Order with a scheduled shipping in 3d quarter of 2015.


Photon Pic Cats & KnuckleBears from TOUMA On Pre-order Now

Pre-orders for a trio of TOUMA products via DKE Toys begins now and end April 1st, 2015 - so do check in with your fav toy retailers for availability! The items include:

Above-left: PICO MAO CAT PHOTON @ SRP US$15 per
(Made in Japan Soft vinyl / 2 Parts / Sized: 3.7cm/1.5")

Above-right: PICO HITCH BEAR PHOTON @ SRP US$15 per
(Made in Japan Soft vinyl / 2 Parts / Sized: 3.7cm/1.5")

(Made in Japan Soft vinyl / 6 Parts / Sized: 15cm/5.9" )

TOYSREVIL Milestone: First Toy-Con Booth in 2009 #TOYSREVILTurns10

WHAT-IS: "In an effort to celebrate the TOYSREVIL-Blog Turning Ten Years Old, I look back at a decade of bloggery and pick 10 x (personal) Milestones (more than the ones I blogged about in 2011 LOL), to share, to reminisce, and to give myself a motivational-booster to continue blogging. Thank you for your indulgence, my dearest readers :)"

A photo posted by TOYSREVIL (@toysrevil) on

My first ever booth at a local toy convention, which I had also launched my first ever blog-edition production toy. Shown in the image above were cosplayers Gwen and Ai Ling (Nymphsis) which helped Booth C16 "guest star" in a newspaper publication LOL

The year was 2009, and I had only blogged for about 4 years, and it was to be the first time I introduced the blog to the public in Singapore (most of whom might not have known about my blog, but has since carved out a decent percentage of readership in SG) and to "expose" my face to the public, before that I had been content to blog "anonymously" (STGCC Aftermath: Toy Scores, Flashback Intentions & Abject Failures / Living The STGCC Dream with TOYSREVIL). The experience gained during the journey before, during and after the event will always, and has since been referenced in both my bloglife & real life, for both "good" and "bad".

It is one thing to blog in a vacuum, and a whole other to interact and let others enter your vacuum. Some might fill it up, some might leave it as vacuous as it was, but always an adventurous and enriching experience.

Truthfully, I love boothing … and as much as I loathe the smoozing (I am a horrendous "sales person" hahahaha), I adore being able to meet friends both old and new! But times and circumstances has since changed, and I am no longer able to afford nor man a TOYSREVIL-booth in Singapore … so it's back to a "vacuum", a full circle since starting blogging a decade ago :)


Ending with a slideshow video I made of ANTZ's live demo at the booth:

Custom-Feature: Zaku Gunny by Josh Mayhem

Josh Mayhem presents "Zaku Gunny" - with this latest piece on a 3" Dunny base, and was commissioned by a private collector to be specifically inspired by the Zaku Gundam Mobile Suit. The result is amazing ad full of WIN for me this Wednesday afternoon LOL

Individual images HERE on Faebook & Click Here to view customs by Josh Mayhem on TOYSREVIL :)

#SOTOYS Artist Profile: Rizky Zakaria

ART TOY NAME: Power Anger
SIZE: 16 x 7.5 x 16.5 cm
On Display at SOTOYS @ Lou Belle Shop (Feb 28-Mar 7)

ARTIST NAME: Rizky Zakaria (www.wygcybr.tk / IG @rizky_zakaria_)
ARTIST BIO: Born in Bandung, Indonesia 31-08-1991. I am young artist. My toy is metamorphosis in my drawing diary. I always make some form of art such as drawing, painting, instalation and toy. Especially for toy, it is metamorphosis from my daily drawings. I draw the life on paper. Every character born base on life.

Contact: +62856 2415 0030 
Email: rizkyzakaria2009@gmail.com

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#SOTOYS Artist Profile: Mr. Evilsion

ART TOY NAME: Evilsion
SIZE: 11.5 inch tall
COLORWAYS: Acrylic on Resin
On Display at SOTOYS @ Lou Belle Shop (Feb 28-Mar 7)
TOY STORY: "Mr.Evilsion is the character of my creation that has long been always present in any works created by me. Mr.Evilsion a figure resembling the character of television-headed devil horns and red. Mr.Evilsion is a combination word of Evil and Television basis then I mix those two words into Evilsion. The reason why I give the name Evilsion because I realized all that much was not good and it is usually the nature of the devil.

Excessive nature that happens to me or maybe someone else can not be separated from the name of communication technologies such as, television, gadgets, games, social media. Since childhood, I really like to watch cartoon shows on TV like that in '90s in Indonesia is still very flourishing and mostly less educated.

I made a character Mr.Evilsion as criticism and as a therapy in order to reduce the bad qualities. Mr. (Mister) as gender symbol depicting Mr.Evilsion character is a part of me or it could have been someone else. I like to visualize Mr.Evilsion combined with other forms of combination of various shapes such as animals in addition to the original form that resembles a human."

ARTIST NAME: Rifky M Isa a.k.a Mr. Evilsion (www.wygcybr.tk / IG @rifkymisa)

ARTIST BIO: Born in Bandung December 25 1991. College student at Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia, Bandung from 2009 till now. Half time teacher. Visual Artist who love make an artwork like drawing, painting, sculpt, toys, video used many medium. A Gooners (fans of Arsenal Football FC) and Bobotoh (Fans of Persib Bandung). Urban Culture as inspiration for me to make artwork. Like technology (Television, games, etc.), movies, anime, cartoon, and life around me. 
Email : rifkymisa@gmail.com

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Launch & First Day Pics for SOTOYS @ Lou Belle Shop (Feb 28-March 7)

And while we've earlier featured the first few snaps of the launch day for SOTOYS @ Lou Bell Shop on Feburary 28th, today we have more sans to share, of both launch day and first day, as well some words from event-curator; Riandi Sumadinata!

As well, as a treat for readers, stay tuned to the TOYSREVIL-blog for individual artists features, in the days to come, leading to the exhibition's end on March 7th. Read+View-ON!

"The hard rain fall on the first day made us start the exhibition late, and as well many of the event's contents were based outdoors … but these aren't going to keep us down!

We started the launch at 6pm, with storytelling from WHOP, followed by Rizky Zakaria introducing what 'Sotoys' is (prolog). Music was provided by 'After Ashar' as they rocked the event with their Electronic Dance Music and made the room shake!

The audience, artists and the music blend in a vibe of happiness. Folks talked, took pictures, and appreciated the toys in the way they are when the rain was still falling.

We ended the day with cleaning up the former Launch Display to a Daily Display at 9.30 pm. We've managed +70 visitors in 3 hour for first day. Yeah we think that's cool for our first exhibition."
-shared SOTOYS-curator; Riandi Sumadinata (Text edited).

[ ALL p[ics have since been uploaded to THIS dedicated FB-album - feel free to tag yourselves! ]

SUCKADELIC MASHUPS for Auction at PADDLE 8 (Now till March 8)

SUCK-PRESS: "Paddle 8, the cool, new, hipster online auction house is giving the whole "Art Toy" thing a whirl, and SUCKADELIC has some stuff in it! This sale was put together by Mr. Auctions himself, SIMEON LIPMAN. We got a handful of Delux WAR PROFITEERING Mashups in there for some pretty reasonable prices (relatively) This must be Legit because there are some KAWS pieces in there. He's cool, right?

The PADDLE 8 ART TOYS sale goes until March 11. Register and bid now!"

Monster Magnets Series 2 by Eric Nocella Diaz Available Now

"Forgot I had some of these Series 2 Monster Magnets left over from New York Toy Fair 2015 and half of what I took are gone. If you want a few they're US$5 pop plus shipping. Hit me up at argonautresins(at)gmail.com and let me know which ones you want." -Eric Nocella Diaz (of Argonaut Resins).

Vinyl Idolz: Napoleon Dynamite from Vinyl Sugar to release in May

"What happens when the twisted minds over at Evil Corp get together with Vinyl Sugar? A mash-up of pop culture with a wicked British bent. Feast your covetous eyes on these new Vinyl Idolz!"
"Napoleon Dynamite" and "Pedro Sanchez" are the first figures to be released from Funko's sub-imprint "Vinyl Sugar", to be available in May. "Interesting" choice for a debut release though (movie reviewed) … Vinyl Idolz stand 8" tall, and each figure comes with it's own removable base.

Vinyl Idolz characters first made their debut at New York Toy Fair 2015 (Feb 14-17), and I cannot wait to see the rest of the releases!

#NotAToyShow storefront display at Plastic Culture

The storefront window display for Plastic Culture in Grand Indonesia Shopping Town (East Mall LG-42. Jakarta) is currently displaying the teasers for NOT A TOY SHOW (launching March 13-15), featuring the original toy sculpts as seen in the various stages of "breaking through" the egg, with Davidtehkiller's DAVE "first" to escape! Looking forward to reveals from @ictoys' GACHA, @kendytan's BORON and we've already "seen" @paulushyu's Tiberius Nimbus (as customized by Ink&Clog).

Here's a montage from DavidTheKiller, which also shows his OTHER sculpt: "FUCKYOUga"! Dude, you are one prolific producer of collectibles! :)

Bellas In SG & Arts Unknown Sale Ends March 8th

A photo posted by TOYSREVIL (@toysrevil) on

"… our sale will be finishing this Sunday at 11pm PST. After that we will be shutting up shop for good, so if people want to grab a ridiculous bargain they should shoot on over to www.artsunknown.com without delay!" - The Arts Unknown Team
Bellas have since arrived in SG and I am elated! Sad to see you go Arts Unknown :(

At least someone thinks they're in for a good time ... #toylife

A photo posted by TOYSREVIL (@toysrevil) on

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