Suckhole Studio Exclusives Online On New Suckadelic Shopify

SUCK-PRESS: "Hello Suckfriend, sorry for ignoring you for so long, we been out there doing BIG THINGS! As part of our new "studio upgrade" (which actually involves an entire new studio) we have finally set up a way for you to score some of those awesome/ horrible "studio exclusives" we been showing on instagram, even if you don't have the privilege/ punishment of living in New York City:

Behold, some kind of partially complete Suckadelic Shopify site that really doesn't do much (yet) except take your money. We just dumped a grip of SUCKPANELZ in there and we would like to invite you to take a look…

Just getting started on this venture, so keep an eye out for upgrades and restocks of this store. There is a ton of old weird shit we would love to sell to you. Thanx for being a friend, buddy."

"Crittersaurus" Print by Scott Wetterschneider

"Crittersaurus" by Scott Wetterschneider is currently available as a 12"x12" fine art print on 16"x16" heavyweight archival matte paper right now from the Toys and Art, Monsters and Mayhem shop for US$40 per. You need to "invite" this dude home for tea because you are a kind person, for reals.

"Crittersaurus finds himself in a strange town, with no friends. Gently, he meanders from street to street, taking in the new sights and sounds, hopeful that, at last, he's found a place to call home. Scott Wetterschneider's giant, strange beasts are not your run-of-the-mill kaiju. They forgo violence, are often ill-at-ease, and do their best to keep a low profile. Accidents do happen, so be cautious."

"Storybook" by Joey Spiotto @ G1988 (East) Opening August 1st

EVENT PRESS: "Gallery1988 is proud to announced "Storybook: a little gallery show" - the debut solo show from artist Joey Spiotto. Joey is a regular and favorite from our themed group shows, and now he will take center stage with almost 50 new limited edition prints, making your favorite movies, TV shows, musicians and video games into classic children's book covers.

Each one is smarter and wittier than the next, and seeing the massive amount of work together as an exhibit is incredible. The show opens THIS FRIDAY, August 1st, from 7-10 PM at G1988 (East). Joey will be in attendance. The runs of these editions are vary, and some are incredibly low, so we expect some to sell out fast. This show runs through August 16th and all remaining work after the opening reception will be online the next day at gallery1988.com."
Loving the concept and imagery. Oh man, if I could I'd be stocking up on prints here...

Cometdebris: Summer Vacation Sametan Part 2 Pre-Order Now

PRESS: "Due to the positive response from the first Summer Vacation Sametan release, we've decided to do a second version as a pre-order. Available now! Summer Vacation Sametan Part 2 is cast in clear vinyl with pink eyes, and filled with bright, colorful shells and sea animals. These will be made to order and ship upon arrival (approximately 4-6 weeks after pre-order closes). Interested in more than one? Summer Vacation Sametan is available in sets of two or three. Buy with friends and save on shipping. Please note, these cannot be combined or shipped with other Cometdebris orders. Pre-order closes on August 8th at 7:00 AM Pacific (August 8th at 11:00 PM Japan). www.cometdebris.com (A portion of the proceeds from every Sametan release will benefit PangeaSeed.)"


Tomenosuke-exclusive Chrome edition BRAINADE by Emilio Garcia (July 31-sale)

New updates for the Tomenosuke-exclusive CHROME Edition BRAINADE since my earlier tease, with word that they will be unleashed via tomenosuke.stores.jp from July 31 @ 11am (JST).

Priced at ¥29,700 per (excluding shipping), the edition size for this 3.5 inch (90 mm) tall Made-in-Spain resin piece - designed and created by Emilio Garcia - is in an edition of only 8 pieces!

Source: Tomenosuke

'Tiny Little Objects' by Dehara Yukinori @ Giant Robot (Aug 2-20)

Giant Robot is proud to present Tiny Little Objects – a figure exhibition by Dehara Yukinori. Opening August 2nd and exhibiting thru August 20, 2014, the artist will be in attendance at the Opening Reception (Facebook Events). On Sunday, August 3rd, Dehara will combine forces with illustration legend Terada Katsuya in a live demo featuring Japanese Yokai.

EVENT PRESS: "Japanese artist Dehara Yukinori’s latest work strays from his past of creating boxed original sculptures. His latest entry into the figure world is minuscule versions of his art pieces. In what we’d call a smart move to do something completely different from the years of sculpting paper clay and then packaged to appear like a toy figure, these pieces will have its freedom and at the same time be intimate. You’ll have to move in closer to see his objects."

PRESS CONTINUED: "We are long time friends with Dehara Yukinori. We’ve featured Dehara annually and his exhibitions range from being touching to grotesque. Yet, like most artists, he has a deep ideology behind his pieces although, to the casual observer, they look like fun. His passion, creativity and business acumen are inspiring. While he seemingly does what he wants, he’s quite studied as well."
Giant Robot 2 (GR2)
2062 Sawtelle Boulevard
Los Angeles CA 90025

Sherbert Day from Manny X (Aug 1-3 Pre-Order Window)

Manny X shares with us news of a new resin release on Friday August 1st - available via Patrullax.bigcartel.com from 12 noon PST until August 3rd, for an open run pre-order window.
"These Sherbert Day figures were inspired by a really cool looking melting ice cream that I saw on the Venice Beach boardwalk. They will be sold as either singles for $30 each or as a 4 piece set for $90 . They come in 4 different variants; Classic Rainbow, Venice Berry, Rottermelon (it glows), and Orange Vanilla (it glows too and only available in the set). They stand about 3" tall and come with a removable resin cone and will be bagged and tagged with header card."

BOBA KEIKO from Fools Paradise On Pre-order Now

Fools Paradise releases their BOBA KEIKO for pre-orders online for a price of US$239 (Price includes global shipping by EMS), for a 4th quarter 2014 ship out. Standing 30cm tall, these handcrafted resin statues come hand painted, and includes a removable base. Pre-Order period closes on August 28th, with the figure produced to order.

'Savior' by Patient No.6

"Savior" is a new figure from Patient No.6 that stands 9 inch (23 cm) tall, with this resin figure limited to an edition of only 6pcs available for pre-orders for US$100 + free shipping.

Sneak Peek at OBS-Exclusive BLACKY from Martin Hsu

Martin Hsu Sold Out of his allocation for his BLACKY OG-Edition at SDCC (Online release soon on www.Martinhsu.com), and today we get to have a peek at yet another colorway for Dragon Boy's bestie, with this yellow cutie being a OSB exclusive! More release info from One Sixth Bruce soon.

"Dream Cast: a 1/6 Scale Custom Space Opera" from Justin Alan Volpe @ myplasticheart (August 1-31, 2014)

EVENT PRESS: "myplasticheart presents Dream Cast : a 1/6 Scale Custom Space Opera, where we invite you to take a look inside the mind of artist Justin Alan Volpe as he plays writer, director and designer to a universe made up of Force Benders, Space Cowboys, and an android rock band The Seekers. With a cast you may never see together on the silver screen, some of the most iconic actors of our time are set to portray a rag tag group of adventurers and lawmen, all in a 1/6 scale."

(New Force Bender customs featuring light up LED heads,
cast in clear blue resin = AWESOME!)

Launching August 1st from 6-9PM EDT at myplasticheart in the Lower East Side NYC. Justin Alan Volpe will be in attendance to discuss his work. TOYSREVIL had the personal pleasure and honor to release a TOYSREVIL x Popprolific 1/6th-scaled figure back in 2010, and I am a fan of his work - a unique blend of custom and kitbash - and will be looking forward to seeing work from this show, or even more from Justin, in fact, as tis been too long a while since we've seen any, IMHO :)

"Imagine a world where all your favorite actors play in one universe together…" ~ "Dream Cast" runs through August 31st.

About the artist: Justin Alan Volpe has worked as a sculptor for Jeff Koons, a 1/6 scale costume fabricator for Sideshow Collectables, instructed Needle Felting Workshops at Kidrobot NYC and the Textile Arts Center in Brooklyn, collaborated with Toy Tokyo to design and create their Bearbrick for the Medicom Bearbrick World Wide Tour 2, and created packaging artwork for various projects.

(Additional pics via IG @popprolific)

#Tuttzartcontest from Argonaut Resins

Eric Nocella Diaz of Argonaut Resins celebrates his birthday with a launch of a TUTTZ ART CONTEST! Winner(s) stand a chance to walk away with Tuttz resin collectibles!
"If you enter please repost this contest image on your page and hash tag #Tuttzartcontest and if you have any questions just ask them below the post. If there are a lot of really good entries there may be a few more prizes. I also want to send out a big huge THANK YOU!!! to all the collectors, fans and supporters of the Tuttz brand - Tuttz loves you TOO! Ready set go!"

TOYSREVIL in 'Detention Class' @ Detention Barracks #bodindetention

I went for "Detention Class" on a Sunday, not because I did anything "wrong" (Gawd knows I'm not exactly a "saint", but…) … and while we might have been one person short of "a criminal, an athlete, a brain, a basket case and a princess" (if you do not get the reference, you might be too young for me to explain it, so just roll along thru, no worries ;p), the art from members of Band of Doodlers was a sight I need to breathe in, before the exhibition closed, so I can gather strength to placate my inner demons ever ready to burst forth for 7th month!

The variety of art and styles ranged from everyday to refreshing. I mentioned "everyday" with a dose of reverence I reserve for my memories of my dalliance with indie black-n-white "alternative" comicbooks from my 90s, which haunts my sensibilities to this day, imagine me being a "horror" fan, as it were! The everyman lines from Daniel Clowes, Peter Bagge , the beatnik begrudged, to the fantastical tomorrows from 2000AD. And it was refreshing to find some in spirit, in #bodindetention.

But while not alienating the older-generational demographic such as myself, there were heapfuls of anime pop culture inspirations, to Spongebob Squarepants! I'm just glad I am not "too old" to miss out on the references *smiley*

'Detention Barracks' head-honcho Yeo Hong Beng with his fav piece of art
from Anjo Bolarda!

And while I've posted serial features on the art, I too was quite intrigued with the custom-Munnys, and had wants to see them first hand and up close for myself. Not too bad for some whose work was the very first time they've attempted a custom toy, actually.

Artist Daniel Yu with his fav Munny custom from PEDMONS!

The full spread of snaps have since been uploaded HERE on my Facebook album (P/S: Artists of the artwork to please feel free to tag yourselves, don't shy!)

"Detention Class" exhibits thru to August 10th, 2014, and as well if there's any product(s) that interest you and you want to throw money at, so check in with bandit@bandofdoodlers.com. Quite a few of them have the aim of proceeds benefitting charity too.

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