Bring Out The Gimp! At Super7 (Booth (4945) @ San Diego Comic-Con #SDCC2014

Available at Super7's booth #4945 at San Diego Comic Con 2014, I really am interested to see the Gimp out of his wooden box / cage! "Pulp Fiction" Toys FTW! Check out the previously seen "regular" carded 3 3/4-inch ReAction figure below:

Source: IG @brianflynn

Super7 #SDCC2014 Alien ReAction Blind Bag Egg Opening by Action Figure Insider

"I stood in line for an hour and a half to get my 4 ReAction SDCC exclusive Alien eggs. Who did I get? Watch and find out!" mentioned Daniel Pickett of Action Figure Insider.
And I was so excited watching this video too hahahaha - As well AFI has coverage and images of some new characters in space suits from Wave 2, hanging around the Egg Chamber too haha. Also the new Super7 x Secret Base 4" tall Alien was on show (priced at US$50 each), and apparently "sold out in the first 30 min".

Source: actionfigureinsider.com

Custom Quillers & Fungus Boxer Ree by Paul Kaiju @ #SDCC 2014

In addition to his Fistful of Dominos show at Gunnzo, Paul Kaiju will be at the Gargamel booth #5144 on Saturday at 1pm @ San Diego Comic Con 2014 with custom-painted QUILLERS - a character from Gravy Toys' "Suns of Brodarr" line-up!

As well Paul will debut the second incarnation of FUNGUS BOXER REE during his signing at 1pm (available via lottery tho). Check out more images and updates on his IG @paulkaiju :)

Updates for Bwana Spoons & Gravy Toys (Booth 5144) @ #SDCC 2014

This is an update post on what Bwana Spoons & Gravy Toys will have at San Diego Comic Con 2014 (July 24-27) - featuring the multicolored figures for the SUNS OF BRODAR - available starting 11am on Thursday at Booth #5144.

Also expect custom painted Killers, a first peek at "Drizzleshits" (only head shown here, you'll see full body at the booth), and "Nature Calls" silk screen prints … I really like the idea of "little biggies" original artwork for sale at a geekcon tho...

Skinner (Booth 5051) for #SDCC 2015

Skinner is sharing booth #5051 with Frank Kozik at San Diego Comic Con 2014 (July 24-27) and these'll be some goodies he'll have, starting with the above One-off KRAWLUSS custom hand-paint, to which Skinner added; "The first one that I have used a distressed rub on.. It has a cool aged texture on it that I really like.." and other "possible" custom KRAWLUSS…

Above-left-right: DEATH GOD NECROS 10 color silk screen print - sized 24x36 inches standard framing. The green one on the left is a SDCC-exclusive and is limited to 30 and priced at US$125. The blue one is in a a run of 70 and priced at US$100, which will also be released concurrently online at www.shopcriticalhit.com from Friday at noon.

Below-left: MANSONS OF THE UNIVERSE's CHORKO isa Con-exclusive and is cast by @healeymade ad this carded piece can be yours for US$80. No quantities mentioned tho...
Below-right: "I created a fun game!!! It's called, "critical hit game of wounding and maiming as well as chart of fun demises" YOU AND YOUR FRIENDS CAN PLAY!! I will be selling this fun game for $10 while I sign my new book at THE LAST GASP BOOTH!! My new book "FORBIDDEN ACTIVITIES FOR NEGLECTED CHILDREN" will be there and I will be signing the hell out of it for you!! On Thursday and Saturday! It's only $9.95! A game of fun wounding and a book of forbidden activities for $20?" -FB'd Skinner.

Source: IG @theartofskinner

3A Toys SDCC Online Releases on Bambalandstore.com

Coinciding with the launch of San Diego Comic Con 2014, 3A Toys has begun offering figures on Bambalandstore.com, featuring these items:



EG IRON MAN @ US$220.00



All prices are prior to 3AA discount. There is also the availability of a "3AA SDCC Set"- including 1 x Iron Man EG, 1 x Pascha Cyborg, 1 x Miyu Square + 1 x Exclusive 3A SDCC Poster = all for US$460 (includes free shipping). And nope you can't find it listed if you are not logged in as a 3AA member :p

Pacific Rim: Jaeger Pilot at #SDCC2014

"PACIFIC RIM: JAEGER PILOT is the next evolution of the thrilling universe Legendary is creating with director Guillermo del Toro. Created by the leading pioneers of virtual reality, Oculus VR, the attraction delivers a new benchmark in virtual reality experiences as fans will step into a fully-realized Jaeger Combat Simulator and experience what it feels like to pilot a 250-story robot. Created with original film assets from Industrial Light & Magic and developed within Unreal Engine 4, Pacific Rim: Jaeger Pilot provides a thrilling first-person battle between Gipsy Danger and the kaiju codenamed Knifehead." (Source)

Camilla d'Errico (Booth 4723) @ San Diego Comic-Con #SDCC2014

Camilla d'Errico's Booth #4723 at San Diego Comic Con 2014 is chock-full with merchandize, it looks insane! As well she'll have two exclusive prints "Suckerpunch" (9x12" Prints, signed&Numbered edition of 50pcs) and "Unpredictable Gravity" (BELOW-RIGHT). Check out more product details on camilladerrico.com.

Source: camilladerricoart

Giant Robot (Booth 1729) @ San Diego Comic-Con #SDCC2014

And while 'technically' the booth set-up snap is a day old, BUT rest of the custom Big Boss Robots are NEW snaps, and as well they are available for purchase at the Giant Robot booth #1729 at San Diego Comic Con 2014! Click HERE to view what other goodies they'll have at the booth :)

Source: IG @giantrobotstore

UGLYDOLL (Booth 3245) @ San Diego Comic-Con #SDCC2014

UGLYDOLL booth at San Diego Comic Con 2014 seems to be undergoing a mad shopping frenzy, as seen from these images for Preview Night, and I do not imagine this would be much different from other nights thru to July 27th hahahaha ~ Let the frenzy continue at Booth #3245 MUAHAHAHAHAHA

Source: IG @davidzhorvath + @uglydollusa

3D Retro (Booth 5049) @ San Diego Comic-Con #SDCC2014

Besides the exclusives lined-up for San Diego Comic Con 2014, 3D Retro will also be offering their GID 3DRetro keishi robots for only US$2 (Mascot was designed by Brandt Peters too) at their Booth #5049!

As well keep a lookout for this signed print from Nathan Ota, available to anyone who comes to the Toxic Bird signing on Saturday (Any left overs will be available after the signing at the booth as well). Not to mention Flat Bonnie x Nathan Hamill's Aquapop Octopups plush has gotten new owners!

Source: 3D Retro

Hyperactive Monkey (Booth 5640) @ San Diego Comic-Con #SDCC2014

Head unto Jerome Lu's Hyperactive Monkey booth #5640 at San Diego Comic Con 2014 for Golden Monkey Kung Fu Pocket Master (Limited to 60pcs @ US$45 per) and the following goodies to be had, at various booths too! This is the most "sedate" booth setup I've ever seen from Jerome x Hyperactive Monkey so far since I started blogging tho ... perhaps it all has to do with Daisy being pregnant? CONGRATS AGAIN, MR & MRS LU! :)

Source: Jerome Lu

Kuso Vinyl (Booth 5642) @ San Diego Comic-Con #SDCC2014

Kuso Vinyl booth #5642 all stocked and ready to rock San Diego Comic Con 2014! CLICK HERE to see what exclusives from Rotobox Vinyl Anatomica they'll have, and revealed below is the new version of Revolver: DIVA edition by Rotobox. Limited to only 50 pcs made and will be available at @kusovinyl booth #5642 for $70 each.

Source: IG @kusovinyl

Jermaine Rogers (Booth 4532) @ San Diego Comic-Con #SDCC2014

Jermaine Rogers seen above with Klim Kozinevich of Bigshot Toyworks (who handled the sculpting of the CHOICES figure), with the Comic-Con variant SHADOW with GID eyes in hand, at his booth #4532 at San Diego Comic Con 2014! (Jermaine is situated exactly next to Martin Hsu's booth #4530 too haha *AWESOME*) - Looking pretty awesome as a knife-wielding antsy bunny would look!

CLICK HERE to see what exclusives Jermaine has for SDCC!

Source: IG @jermainerogersart + IG @martinhsuart

Martin Hsu (Booth 4530) @ San Diego Comic-Con #SDCC2014

Dragon Boy Noir and Blacky welcomes and beckons folks at Martin Hsu booth #4530 at San Diego Comic Con 2014 - which he keeps a pretty splendid record of, giving folks and fans a closer look at what is available. Good job, Martin!

Above-right: Martin with Miya-san in hand!

As well both Jeremiah Ketner's and Oddfauna's custom painted one-off Dragon Boys were SOLD at Preview Night! CONGRATS! There's still Mike Fudge's and 64 Colors' to be had, people!

Check out more pics on Martin's Facebook and Dragon Boy World!

(Additional pics from Jian Shen)
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